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South Carolina authorities say they caught a serial rapist Antonius Donshe Randolph who was using “various apps” to help lure victims into vulnerable settings where he could attack them. Antonius Donshe Randolph, 29, was arrested last weekend and charged with multiple felonies, including first-degree criminal sexual conduct, kidnapping, first-degree assault and battery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime, shows show. the records reviewed by Law&Crime. .

According to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, investigators believe Randolph had been committing crime in the community for more than a year and is responsible for at least five attacks on women, but stressed that there are likely more victims.

“We have taken a monster off our streets. My prayer is that it doesn’t see the light of day again, and I don’t think it will,” Lott said during a news conference Monday afternoon. “We are going to continue accusing him of everything we can. There is a place where he must stay for the rest of his life and he is in prison. He doesn’t need to be on the streets again.”


Antonius Donshe Randolph age

The age of Antonius Donshe Randolph is 29 years.

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Antonius Donshe Randolph Used Dating Apps to Locate, Sexually Assault, and Rob Female Victims

The sheriff said the first attack is believed to have taken place in November 2021 when a woman called and said a man had attacked her. The second attack is believed to have occurred in August 2022 when Randolph allegedly sexually assaulted a woman he met on a dating app at gunpoint. From there, the frequency of attacks increased exponentially, with two victims saying they were sexually assaulted by a man they met through a dating app in December 2021 and January 2022.

Initially, investigators did not realize the attacks were connected until several months after the initial assault. But after working with the same nurses who treated the victims and a victim advocacy group called Pathways to Healing, Sheriff Lott said investigators “started to put together the case and realized we had a serial rapist.” who took advantage of women.


“[Randolph] was using various apps to get them to a location,” the sheriff said. “He Sometimes he used a mask to hide his identity. He sometimes he had a gun, sometimes he had a knife, and we started putting these cases together forensically and doing other things to try to get him.” Based on his investigation, the sheriff said detectives realized Randolph was “probably about to do another one” and set out to arrest him.

At the time of his arrest, Randolph was allegedly in possession of a mask, a knife and a sex toy, which Sheriff Lott said “consistent with information we have obtained from previous sexual assaults.”

“That’s the scary part, is he wouldn’t stop until we stopped him,” Sheriff Lott said. The sheriff encouraged anyone who may have been assaulted by Randolph to notify detectives, whether they want to see him prosecuted or simply get help dealing with the aftermath of such an experience.


That sentiment was echoed by Pathways to Healing Executive Director Rebecca Lorick. “After a sexual assault, it’s such a traumatic experience, and having to tell someone you don’t even know can be even more traumatic,” she said during the press conference. “We are part of that process just to make it a little more seamless. We literally held [victims’] hands during that process. Read More….

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