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A 7-year-old boy Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt in Brazil has died moments after playing in a pile of limestone dust, poisoning him as he breathed the dust into his lungs. “The photo was the last and was taken a few minutes before his tragic death, caused by inhaling limestone while he was playing,” the boy’s uncle told local newspaper Jornal Razão. “The memories I have of you, my dear girl, will always be the best.”

Photos taken on August 3 show Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt playing happily in the pile, which someone had left on the side of the road. Waist deep in the pile, he is smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera. Bitencourt’s death happened very quickly. His parents rushed him to a hospital, but he was already dead, the Australian Broadcast Company reported. The family buried him on Friday afternoon.

Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt Age

The age of Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt was 7 year.


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Arthur Emanuel Bitencourt cause of death

Our gratitude to God for putting Arthur in our life, a treasure that stayed with us for seven years, one month and ten days, ”his uncle wrote in an online post. “Life is like a moving train, but our dear and beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, still sank at the beginning of the journey.” The Brazilian Civil Police opened an investigation into the incident and will speak with Bitencourt’s family this week.

The family said they were unaware of the dangers associated with limestone, especially once it has turned to dust. People commonly use limestone dust for construction and farmers use it to enrich the soil and increase crop yields. However, limestone in powdered form has a high carcinogenic potential, according to Brazil’s Institute for Research in Technology (IPT), largely due to damage to the lungs if inhaled.

Handling the material requires protective glasses, gloves and a face shield. The IPT recommends that if a person inhales limestone dust, they should receive artificial respiration or oxygen and seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of harmful exposure to limestone dust include a persistent cough, shortness of breath, and decreased lung function.Read More…….


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