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A Salem, Massachusetts man allegedly murdered his girlfriend inside the residence they shared with their two young children and lived with her body for three days before disposing of the woman’s remains in a dumpster under cover of darkness. Pablo Vicente, 33, allegedly confessed to police that he strangled 20-year-old Nayeli Nieves to death during an argument, which developed after the boyfriend claimed the victim cheated on him, according to WCVB. The suspect claimed Nieves, the mother of her 3-year-old and 9-month-old sons, fell unconscious when he strangled her while trying to grab her phone, according to the report.

The Salem Police Department reportedly said that Vicente claimed to have unsuccessfully attempted CPR, lived with the victim’s corpse at the Pope Street residence for three days in the presence of his children, and then discarded the body when the remains in decomposition they became “stinky”. “Vicente claims that Nieves started to get ‘stinky,’ so he wrapped her in sheets and rugs and dumped her in a dumpster on her property,” the police report said, according to WCVB.

Essex County District Attorney Paul F. Tucker said his office became involved in the investigation after Salem police received a report Monday that Nieves had been injured. The prosecutor’s office “developed further evidence of foul play” from there, according to the news release. Investigators are still searching for the victim’s remains, the prosecutor said. Salem Police Chief Lucas Miller reportedly called the active search.


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The age of Pablo Vicente is 33 year.

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“We are actively looking. We’ve found what I would call evidence, but I don’t want to say if it’s her,” Miller said, WCVB reported. One reported piece of evidence is video outside the residence from shortly before 4 a.m. on Sunday, August 6, which allegedly shows the defendant using a dolly to dispose of “a large, human-sized item wrapped in what appeared to be plastic garbage bags with duct tape around it.

That dumpster was picked up later that day, before police could examine it, The Salem News reported. Those who knew the couple said Vicente was abusive. Nieves’ sister-in-law, Janessa Sosa, said that as recently as April 2023, Vicente faced charges of domestic assault and battery in Lowell District Court but was released.


“All I have to say is if Lowell had done his job and kept Pablo in custody where he belonged, Nayeli would probably still be here today,” Sosa said, according to The Salem News. “Domestic violence now, in this world, is not treated as it should be, and mothers, especially young mothers of young children, need to be watched and cared for.”

The system did not do what it was supposed to do,” she added. “He didn’t do his job.” Nieves’ children are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families, WBZ reported. Vicente appeared in Salem District Court for an arraignment Tuesday and was ordered held without bail. He has pleaded not guilty.Read More……

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