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Police investigating the Erin Patterson suspected mushroom poisoning deaths of three people and the serious illness of a fourth have spent the day combing a local dump after finding a food dehydrator. Heather Wilkinson, her sister Gail Patterson and Patterson’s husband, Don Patterson, died after eating toxic wild mushrooms during lunch in Leongatha, in Victoria’s Gippsland region, on July 29. A fourth person, the Reverend Ian Wilkinson, pastor of Korumburra Baptist Church and husband of Heather Wilkinson, is struggling to survive in hospital and awaiting a liver transplant after eating the same meal.

Police are carrying out forensic tests on the dehydrator, which was first seized at the Koonwarra transfer station. 9News understands that the dehydrator was seized by police from a shipping container on Friday. Detectives returned to the site today to speak to employees and request CCTV footage. It is understood that the two couples were dining at the home of Erin Patterson, the Pattersons’ former daughter-in-law, when their food was served.

Erin Patterson Age’

The age of Erin Patterson is not clear.


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Charges on Erin Patterson

In a June 2022 social media post, Erin’s ex-husband, Simon Patterson, said that he nearly died last year from intestinal problems that landed him in intensive care. In the Facebook post, he revealed that his family were asked to say goodbye to him twice at the hospital out of fear that he would not survive the intestinal disease, which required three emergency operations. The publication does not indicate the cause of his illness and does not suggest that it is related to the current investigation.

Homicide Detective Inspector Dean Thomas told the media earlier this week that police had not yet determined whether the incident was suspicious. Patterson was questioned by police but released without charge. “She is (suspicious) because she cooked those mushrooms,” Thomas said.

Police are testing the dehydrator, which was found in a local garbage dump, to see if it was used to prepare the food. Thomas said the matter is “very complex” but the symptoms suffered by victims are consistent with those caused by death hat fungus.Parishioners of Korumburra Baptist Church gathered yesterday to pray for their beloved local pastor who is fighting for his life in hospital.


Anglican minister Fran Grimes, who has worked closely with Ian Wilkinson, told Today the tight-knit community was reeling.
“We haven’t had a lot of questions here in the community about, you know, ‘how’ and ‘who’ and all that stuff,” she told Today.
“It’s just a terrible tragedy that’s here, and I think there’s a lot of wanting to love and care and support.”Read More…….

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