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An outspoken political activist accused of harassing government employees has bizarrely claimed that there is a “Catholic-inspired conspiracy” working against him and that he is being “fooled” by the courts. Russell Gordon Haig Matthews repeatedly interrupted his own hearing, spouting accusations that “Catholics” had acted “against him for the last decade” during arraignment proceedings at Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Matthews asked Magistrate Julian Noud to abstain from the hearing due to “bias”. “I am being transported, this is a railway,” Mr. Matthews stated when his request was denied. Matthews faces four counts of stalking, allegedly occurring between 2019 and 2021, against several police officers and a court clerk.

During Wednesday’s detention hearing, the court was told that Matthews had allegedly posted “harassing and derogatory” statements against some of the whistleblowers on his website and on signs at a property he owned in Booval, a suburb of ipswich. It is alleged that he referred to one of the whistleblowers as “corrupt.”


Russell Gordon Haig Matthews Age

The age of Russell Gordon Haig Matthews is not clear.

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Charges on Russell Gordon Haig Matthews

One of the charges alleges that Mr. Matthews sent an email containing personal information and photos associated with “harassing and demeaning names” to his work address. It is further alleged that he contacted the woman’s family and attempted to “get more information” about her. “(It is alleged) that he included in his correspondence links to articles and photos on the website,” Noud said.

“This included the personal details and photos of the complainant and her connection to her husband, which included harassing and derogatory language.” Police prosecutor Andreas Galloway handed over photographs taken during a search warrant being executed on Matthews’ property, as well as printouts of the website of him subject to the allegations.


Appearing over the phone and representing himself, Mr. Matthews made a no-case submission in which he claimed he had been “denied due process” due to his brain damage. During the presentations, he made claims about a “conspiracy” involving whistleblowers and Mr. had been fraudulently targeted, police were acting in “bad faith” and there was “Catholic-inspired corruption” in Queensland. Matthews said there was “no evidence” of the charges and raised questions about whether he had an implied right to political communications.

“Why don’t I have the right to contact someone for information?” he questioned himself. “I realize this is just a joke.” Noud ultimately determined that there was sufficient evidence to bring Matthews to trial in a higher court. “Mr. Matthews’ presentations have not changed my point of view,” he said. Mr Matthews will stand trial in Brisbane District Court on a date to be determined.

His Supreme Court bail continued.Read More……..


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