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On June 3, Tennessee State University veterinary student Mia Kanu was found unresponsive on Providence Drive at Southfield Road, about 15 miles northwest of Detroit, Michigan, after spending a night with friends at a party. at home. Surveillance footage obtained by police showed the 23-year-old Bianca Vanmeter fell or was pushed out of a car hours before he was seen by a passerby.

In the wake of Kanu’s death, her mother, Bianca Vanmeter, wondered why her daughter’s friends left her to die on the road instead of calling 911 for help. Kanu was taken to Ascension Providence Hospital and pronounced dead on June 5. She was put back on life support until June 8, as she was an organ donor. While police aren’t sure if Kanu fell or was pushed, her death is being investigated as a homicide. Authorities also mentioned that the TSU senior suffered “significant head trauma” prior to her death.

Vanmeter is the mother of Tennessee State University student Kanu, who was mysteriously found dead after a party with friends in Southfield, Michigan. After Kanu’s death, the grieving mother took to Facebook to share images of her daughter’s body as she moved down an organ donation aisle. Vanmeter said she last saw her daughter alive on the morning of June 2 before she left for work. She added that a friend, who was staying with Vanmeter and Kanu, picked the latter up from work at Green Lantern in Berkley before she went to the house party.


Bianca Vanmeter Age

The age of Bianca Vanmeter is 23 year.

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What happened to Bianca Vanmeter

Vanmeter said the vehicle used to pick Kanu up from work was the same one seen on unreleased surveillance video. Seeking answers to the tragic and mysterious fate of her daughter, Vanmeter told Fox 2 Detroit: “Something happened and somebody knows something, and we just want those answers. If only they could tell the true story of what happened and why they didn’t come back for her, why they didn’t help her more. I would really like to know that.”

“She was with her friends, and from what I understand, she was thrown or fell out of a vehicle. They found her on the side of the road and left her there. I want to know what really happened and if they were with friends why didn’t they call 911? the mother said, the Atlanta Black Star reported. “There was no brain activity. Her liver went to a baby, her kidneys to a recipient, and her tissues and muscles were donated to Gift of Life… She looked like a beautiful angel lying in bed,” Vanmeter said, recalling the daughter’s last days. her. .


After Kanu’s death, Vanmeter launched a GoFundMe fundraiser called “In Loving Memory of Mia” to raise funds for her daughter’s funeral and memorial. “Our beloved Mia recently passed away on 6/5/2023. Mia was a wonderful daughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend who touched the lives of those around her. She leaves behind countless family members and a host of friendships that she built over her years,” the page read.

“Mia dedicated her life to her family and her friends. She was so kind and loving and sweet and funny. She was always a team leader and very active in volleyball and in school activities. Mia was on her way to being a vet until her dreams were dashed. We are all devastated by the loss of Mia. We will provide details about her funeral and memorial arrangements in the near future,” she continued.

In this time of distress, our goal is to ease financial burdens by launching this GoFundMe campaign. Her generous contributions will really help her family get through this difficult time,” Vanmeter added at the fundraiser. An update on the page read: “We express our deepest gratitude for her overwhelming support through the GoFundMe campaign.”


He added: “As we handle Mia’s organ donation, plan her funeral, burial and celebration of life, and spread the word to the press requesting additional details from the public, we have witnessed an outpouring of love, compassion and contributions. financiers from all corners. Her support and well wishes have been invaluable during this difficult time. Each message of encouragement, each kind word and each gesture of solidarity is a source of strength. Knowing that there is a community of caring people united to find answers and #JUSTICEFORMIA is encouraging.”Read More……

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