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An aspiring rapper who cut his ankle monitor and fled ahead of his murder trial after he allegedly mistakenly shot up the wrong apartment he thought was his rival’s and killed a 9-year-old girl with a bullet in the head was captured in Oklahoma. Tyrese Simmons 23, was booked into the Tulsa County Jail Thursday after an hour-long standoff with police at a hotel, police said. He faces a capital murder charge in the 2019 death of Brandoniya Bennett, who was preparing for her first day of fourth grade when she was killed.

During the confrontation, the police tried to remove Simmons from a room, but he refused. After giving orders and trying to get Simmons out for several hours, officers fired pepper balls and took him into custody, authorities said. He will soon be extradited to Dallas, authorities said.

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The age of Tyrese Simmons is 23 year.


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Charges on Tyrese Simmons

The shooting occurred on August 14, 2019, after police alleged that Simmons mistakenly shot at the wrong apartment after a social media dispute with another rapper escalated. The girl’s family was devastated. Family members said that she had just gotten her nails done and that she was excited to start fourth grade.

“I looked down at the floor where my daughter was sitting holding her baby, her only child, in a pool of blood because her life was stolen from her,” Tonya Elder told Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA. Simmons turned himself in the next day. He was granted bail in December 2019 and had been under house arrest with an ankle monitor pending trial on June 5.

He was on the run for more than three weeks after a “tamper alert” went off around 2:30 a.m. m. on May 28, warning law enforcement that something was wrong with his ankle monitor. Another man, Davonte Benton, was convicted on capital murder charges in Brandoniya’s death last year and sentenced to 45 years in prison.


At his trial, his lawyers pleaded with the jury for leniency and said Benton was not the shooter. His mother testified that his father abused him, the Dallas Morning News reported. “Would it be different if Davonte wasn’t involved?” Benton’s defense attorney, Jeff Boncek, said, the newspaper reported. “The sad answer is, ‘No, it wouldn’t be any different.'”

Kelly Brennion, assistant director of the Cesar Chavez Learning Center, testified at trial that Brandoniya was popular with her teachers and classmates. “Brandoniya was effervescent,” Brennion said, according to the newspaper. “She was bubbly and bright. She was a very happy girl who had many friends.Read More…….



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