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Investigators in Kentucky allege a 16-year-old high school student was shot in the head and killed near a park Wednesday by a 16-year-old boy he dated “at one point.” The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that Gaymee Paw, an Owensboro high school student, was the victim of a murder near Ben Hawes Park, about a 10-minute drive from where she attended school. Authorities reportedly said they were dispatched around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday to the scene of the shooting and that Paw later died at the hospital. The next day, authorities said, they confirmed Gaymee’s cause of death.

An autopsy was performed this morning on the victim from yesterday’s death inquest by the Kentucky State Medical Examiner in Madisonville, Kentucky. The cause of death has been determined to be homicide due to a single gunshot wound to the victim’s head,” the sheriff’s office said.

Gaymee Paw Age

The age of Gaymee Paw was 16 year.


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Gaymee Paw cause of death

According to the authorities, the suspect is a 16-year-old man whose name will not be released “until the corresponding judicial authorities authorize it.” In other words, if or when the juvenile suspect’s case is transferred to adult court, as has been the case in murder cases against minors younger than this defendant, his identity will be officially revealed. What the law says:

Sheriff Brad Youngman revealed that the victim and suspect “went to school together” and “were dating at one point,” The Messenger-Inquirer reported. In the same report, County Attorney John Burlew was quoted as saying, “I am absolutely in favor of trying this individual as an adult.”

“If the judge determines to transfer it to circuit court, then the office of (commonwealth attorney) Bruce Kuegel will prosecute; I know they want it,” he allegedly said. At least for now, the suspect’s identity remains protected as he is being held at the Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center on charges of murder, physical tampering and possession of a weapon when he was a minor, investigators said. saying.


News 14 posted video of Gaymee Paw being interviewed for a 2017 segment about the “fun” she was having “soccer practice” at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes boys’ camp.

Detectives have been coordinating closely with the Daviess County Prosecutor’s Office, Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office, Court Appointed Worker’s Office and the Daviess County Coroner’s Office throughout this investigation to do everything possible to ensure a successful prosecution that ultimately results in justice for the victim and their loved ones,” the sheriff’s office news release said. Those who knew Gaymee mourned her death online and remembered her as a “sweet” person.

“Once a fox lady, always a fox lady,” Burns Middle School Volleyball posted on Facebook. “Prayers are with the Gaymee Paw family. Such a sweet girl. We will definitely miss you.” “RIP Gaymee Pata. She was such a sweet little girl,” wrote Debbie Evans, a school bus driver. “She was one of my students when I was driving the school bus and Alice Puckett (RIP) was my monitor. Alice really liked Gaymee, she was one of our favorite girls”.


“This little young lady has been in my house a long time as a friend of my daughter, she was so sweet and nice, it’s so hard to think that someone could do something like this,” added father Jerry Farmer Sr.Read More……..

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