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Onlookers wept after seeing a 13-year-old blind girl Lucy play Chopin flawlessly on the piano at a Birmingham train station. Budding pianist Lucy took the keys on an episode of Channel 4’s The Piano, a talent show hosted by Claudia Winkleman and judged by pop star Mika and concert pianist Lang Lang.

The show involves pianists performing at Birmingham New Street and London St Pancras stations in front of crowds as the judges watch in a secret room, before selecting a pianist at the end of each episode to perform on stage. A clip of Lucy’s performance, which has yet to be broadcast in its entirety, was posted on Twitter by the official Channel 4 account, leaving viewers incredibly moved.

Her mesmerizing performance stuns the crowd at the station who watch in awe, with people online saying they were ‘tearful’ after watching the video. At the beginning of the clip, a man leads Lucy to the piano and helps her find her seat, while Winkleman talks to a woman who appears to be Lucy’s mother or guardian.


blind girl Lucy Age

The age of blind girl Lucy is 13 years.

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Piano performance by blind girl Lucy

The woman reveals that Lucy, who is neurodivergent, covers her ears when people applaud her. The woman explains: ‘She likes the applause, but she doesn’t like the sound of the applause. So her fingers go into her ears for sensory reasons. When Winkleman asks if she needs to tell the crowd not to clap, the woman insists that she Lucy “loves applause.”

Dressed in a navy blue tulle dress with gold butterflies and a white cardigan, her hair in bunches, Lucy prepares to play Chopin’s Opus 9 Number 1. A crowd forms around the piano, with many people recording it with her phones. Meanwhile, Mika and Lang Lang, who are watching the clip in a separate room, look visibly excited and watch the performance with their mouths open.


At one point, Mika puts her hand to her mouth and seems to hold back tears. Says Lang: ‘It’s amazing that she can play this piece. How – how does she study? I mean, it’s amazing. As Lucy finishes the piece and the crowd applauds her, Lang can be heard saying, ‘Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, this is… this is impossible. And he adds: ‘I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say’.

Mika, with tears in her eyes, laughs and replies, ‘There’s nothing to say.’ She added that she was “taken aback” and “speechless” by Lucy’s moving performance. After the clip was posted on Twitter, users echoed the sentiments of the judges. ‘Wow! That made me cry. Amazing stuff,’ one person said.

Another wrote: ‘A magical and beautiful performance by Lucy. An inspiration to all who watch and a reminder that being neurodiverse is a gift.’ Describing the clip as ‘stunning’, one viewer said: ‘[Lucy] seemed so wrapped up in a cocoon of beautiful sound and her playing seemed effortless.’


Others wrote that the clip gave them a ‘big smile’ and was ‘encouraging’ to watch, while a piano teacher shared her experience coaching a blind student. She wrote: ‘Blind musicians are amazing in the way they learn and memorize music. I have been so blessed by my own young blind student who has challenged me to take another look at my teaching and more.Read More…..

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