Shocking new bodycam footage shows missing Tennessee mom’s

Shocking new body cam footage shows a missing Tennessee mother showing police multiple bruises after a drunken brawl with her boyfriend telling police she wants to see his ‘butt in jail’. Nikki Alcaraz and Steven Tyler Stratton, both 33, went missing three weeks ago while traveling in their black Jeep Wrangler from Nashville to Orange County, California. The Torrance County Prosecutor’s Office in New Mexico released 10 body camera videos immediately after the fierce fight. Shocking new bodycam footage shows missing Tennessee mom’s bruises after drunken fight with bloodied boyfriend on road trip.

Video shows Alcaraz was badly bruised with marks on her arms and face, while Stratton was covered in blood oozing from his nose and mouth. After questioning, the police released the couple without charge after separating them and taking them to different locations.

In one of the videos, a noticeably distraught Alcaraz is seen standing next to the passerby who called police after seeing the 33-year-old mother of two being “slapped” and “punched in the face.” “I’m a trucker, as she was driving I saw her on the ground and I saw that guy slapped her and punched her in the face,” the passerby said. “She punched me in the eye,” adds Alcaraz. “How is he related to you?”, the responding officer is heard asking Alcaraz, who replies: “We have been together for 16 years… we are boyfriend/girlfriend.”


When asked if she wants to press charges, Alcaraz nods and answers, ‘Yes’ before revealing that she would like to see her ‘butt in jail’ as she fights back tears. “I just wanted to make sure he was okay,” the passerby is heard saying. The responding officers then ask if the man she is with, later identified as Stratton, is “on to something,” to which Alcaraz replies “not that I know of, no.” “But I’m done, I want her ass to go to jail, I’m over it,” she repeats.

The Torrence County Sheriff’s Office previously released an incident report revealing that Alcaraz could be heard yelling in the background of a 911 call to police during the May 4 incident. In the call, the woman, later identified as Alcaraz, could be heard screaming in the background. The police report stated that the man, Stratton, was “standing over her” before “hitting her across the face.”

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bodycam footage shows missing Tennessee mom’s bruises after drunken fight with bloodied boyfriend on road trip

According to the Torrance County Sheriff’s Office report obtained by, both Alcaraz and Stratton had been “intoxicated.” The responding officer said he saw the 2013 Jeep in a small rest area and noticed red marks on Alcaraz’s face and fingerprint marks on both arms. He also noted that Stratton had “blood coming from the mouth and nose area.”


The responding officer said Alcaraz had said she had dropped off a friend in Amarillo, Texas, before picking up a bottle of Fireball whiskey, which both she and Stratton drank. Alcaraz claimed Stratton had “started hitting her for no reason” and when they got to the rest area she jumped out of the vehicle but he “caught her.” She also claimed to have a bruise on her chest and back. The report identified the alleged shooter as ‘Thomas’, but the sheriff’s office confirmed with that he was referring to Stratton.

Stratton claimed that Alcaraz had also beaten him, allegedly punching him in the mouth “for no reason” and that she continued to hit him as they traveled. She said that ‘Nikki passes out after drinking liquor’ but that she ‘didn’t want her to go to jail’. The officer had observed a blood splatter on the passenger side door and blood on the ‘running board’ and both disputed that they had been driving the vehicle. Neither of them filed charges.

Moriarty police and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office have launched a missing person appeal saying Alcaraz is in “endangerment” due to a “history of domestic assault,” though there is no evidence either is dead. Cheatham DA Ray Crouch is reportedly seeking a nationwide extradition warrant for Stratton on an unrelated warrant. His office also posted a picture of Alcaraz on Saturday, May 27, trying to sell her phone at an ecoATM in Redding, California, according to WKRN.


No other information about her disappearance has been released, but her family told GMA that they are “scared after not hearing from her for three weeks.” Caraz, Stratton and their dog were on a road trip from Nashville to Southern California and got into an altercation in New Mexico on May 4. A police report filed by the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department shows the mother of two with a black eye after witnesses said they saw Stratton punch her in the face.

Daily has contacted the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department, Moriarty Police Department, Redding Police Department and Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office for comment. DA Ray Crouch did not immediately respond to a request for comment. They were then both taken away by the responding police, and Nikki dropped her off in Moriarty, where she called her sister Toni hers, and a friend of hers met her for the night at a motel.

But the next day, Alcaraz insisted that she needed to find Stratton, whom she hasn’t seen since the violent incident. Her family has not filed a missing persons report for him, but he is mentioned in official calls to find Alcaraz. Alcaraz, referred to as Nikki Cunningham on a missing poster, left the Super 8 motel in Moriarty, a city about 40 miles east of Albuquerque, around 7 a.m. May 6 and has not been seen. since then.


Her jeep was located by a license plate reader near Flagstaff, Arizona, on May 8, and Alcaraz texted her sister to say that she planned to complete her trip. She did not say if she was alone or had joined Stratton with her dog. Her family hasn’t heard from her since. Speaking to WKRN, Toni said: “I’m afraid something has happened to them, either they got into another fight or they crashed her Jeep somewhere.” I talk to her almost every day, so I’m afraid that something happened to them. It’s a journey she’s taken hundreds of times.

Authorities are still looking for leads to find Alcaraz and Stratton, and relatives of the missing mother urge witnesses to come forward. Federal officials have not yet become involved in the search, which has so far turned up no leads. Stratton is wanted for failure to appear on a probation violation stemming from an unrelated robbery charge.

Authorities have yet to present any evidence indicating that Alcaraz is dead, and her case is currently being treated as a missing person. Despite the dark parallels to the Gabby Petito case, Toni is hopeful that her sister is still alive. “I don’t think she’s dead anywhere, but right now everything is a possibility, and I’m really scared of that, but I pray that’s not the case,” she said. On the similarities to Petito’s case, she further commented, “All the stories like that that seem to happen and seem to happen more frequently make it scarier.”Read More…..


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