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A man in Florida allegedly fired 30 rounds from an AR-15 rifle after he reportedly mistook his pool cleaner for a home intruder. According to a news release from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the incident took place on the night of June 15 after 43-year-old Jana Hocevar alerted her husband, Bradley Hocevar, to the noises and presence of an unknown male figure on the pool deck. .
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The figure turned out to be the Hocevar family’s pool cleaner, Karl Polek, who was reportedly running late, causing him to arrive at his home at 9 p.m., Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said during a news conference. on Monday.

Bradley Hocevar Age

The age of Bradley Hocevar is 57 year.


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Charges on Bradley Hocevar

“Polek did not knock on the door. He did not knock or make any attempt to notify the Hocevars that he would go onto their rear lanai and head to the pool deck at 9 p.m.,” Gualtieri claimed. “When Polek entered, he entered through a side door.” After the Hocevars saw Polek, 33, allegedly approaching his door with a flashlight, Hocevar allegedly fired the first two rounds from his AR-15 rifle, causing Polek to run off the terrace of the house. pool.

“Polek was turning around and was hit by glass and shrapnel from shells. So he was not shot per se. He was hit in the back with shrapnel from shells and glass,” Gualtieri added. Hocevar, 57, allegedly continued shooting, believing a trespasser was still on the property, the sheriff reported.

“Bradley Hocevar still couldn’t see out the back windows, but both he and Jana said they heard a noise and thought the person was on the back deck,” Gualtieri alleged. “So, 47 seconds after he fired the first two rounds, and 47 seconds after Polek actually got away, Bradley Hocevar fired additional rounds, and 25 seconds later he fired more rounds. In all, Bradley Hocevar fired 30 rounds from the rifle in about 90 seconds”.


Polek was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and was treated and released the same night. Calling the incident “unfortunate circumstances,” Gualtieri asserted that Hocevar acted within the law when he allegedly fired his gun, citing Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law” which protects Hocevar’s right to shoot someone he believed posed a threat. for him and his wife.

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“This is one of those things if I were to sum it up, it’s a terrible set of circumstances but it’s unfortunate, it’s avoidable, but it’s probably one of those things that I would call legal but horrible,” he said. “It’s legal, but it’s just a horrible set of circumstances. But we’re lucky no one was seriously hurt. No crime was committed and Hocevar was acting within the law when he fired.”Read More…….


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