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A shocking revelation has been made against a woman who allegedly carried out a murder-suicide involving her three young children. Brandy McCaslin reportedly killed Billy, Noe, and Bryce, before taking her own life on July 20. Now, her ex has claimed that the 39-year-old also tried to take her life in January of this year.

Billy Jacobson announced the deaths of all four in a Facebook post, where he wrote: “Please keep us in your prayers. Brandy McCaslin committed a murder-suicide with all three children. Billy, Noe, Bryce and Brandy have passed away.” The post received many heartfelt messages with one reading: “Praying for you. I have no words but a broken heart that hurts with yours. You don’t know me, but I’m so sorry and if there’s anything I can do to help you, I’ll be there for you. If you believe in Jesus, even if it is as small as a mustard seed, hold on to Him…His peace and his love will carry you through.

Another person added: “Such a confusing and devastating time for you… what we know for sure is… these 3 babies are wrapped in the palm of God and angel feathers. May all find a peace that passes all understanding at this time Jacobson is reportedly the former partner of the now-deceased McCaslin and they also had a son together, named Billy, who was also killed in the incident. The man has revealed on social networks that his ex had also tried to commit suicide before. He posted: “There is something I want everyone to be clear about.


Brandy McCaslin Age

The age of Brandy McCaslin was 39 year.

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Brandy McCaslin killed her children

When Brandy McCaslin attempted suicide in January. She tried to change my son’s name because she was mad at me that I wasn’t going back to her. His name was Billy from day one. I never stopped calling him something else and it was wrong of her to do it. Out of respect for me and my son, that she had no choice in the loss of his life because of his mother. Please don’t refer to my son as anything other than Billy. He deserves it,” he added.

Not much is known about Jacobson except for the information he has shared on his Facebook account. According to his page, he is from Claremore, Oklahoma, and is currently in a relationship with a woman named Camron Fennell, who also posted about the tragedy on his page. Fennell said: “Our hearts are shattered into a million little pieces. I can’t believe our precious 9 month old is really gone. How the hell can a “mother” be so selfish and evil to take the life of her 3 innocent babies? Burning in hell for an eternity isn’t punishment enough for her!


Several people expressed their sadness about the case with one person saying: “It was always Billy and it will always be Billy. I’m going down as soon as I can, I hope to see you and hug your neck brother, I’m sorry you’re going through this. Many prayers.” A second wrote: “My heart goes out to you and the whole family. I’m so sorry this happened to you. May God give you strength in your moment of pain. My heart is broken by this.” “I am so sorry for your loss! Your pain is felt by all who read this tragic story. Prayers to you and your family for strength in this difficult time,” added a third person.

However, a woman named Danielle Kendig has shown mercy towards McCaslin. She noted, “I am completely crushed by this news. My heart breaks for all those who will be forever changed by this devastating loss. Brandy and I were inseparable for most of our lives, even over thousands of miles and opposite personalities. She was family. Kendig continued: “The last two years we haven’t talked much, which part of me will regret. Brandy’s life was filled with trauma, loss, addiction, and hardship.

My heart aches to think that this tragedy could have been prevented if she had better access to mental health services,” before adding: “I just pray that she, along with her three sweet babies, are together and reunited with all the family and friends they have lost over the years. May God give us the strength to remember the healthy version of her…the joy she brought us, the way she laughed, the kindness she had for others, how she relentlessly stood up for what she believed in…and not let this tragedy overshadow those memories.”Read more…..


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