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The 29-year-old mother of an influencer is calling for help after alleging her daughter faces jail time in Dubai following a public altercation. Tierra Allen, who runs the popular “Sassy Trucker” social accounts, is facing jail time in Dubai after arguing with a car rental employee. Allen’s TikTok and YouTube channel is dedicated to documenting her life as a trucker. She was reportedly in Dubai on vacation when she and a friend of hers were involved in what her mother called a “very minor defense clash” with her rental car in late May, leading to the argument.

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is known for its high-end shopping and skyscraper-studded skyline. It’s a popular tourist destination, and a YouTube video suggests Allen posted that she even considered leaving Houston, where she lived at the time, and moving there.

But tourists, especially Americans, are cautioned to pay attention to decency and morality laws in Dubai, as they are much stricter than anywhere else in the US. For example, officials can arrest citizens who swear or make rude gestures in public, and even online, or perform public displays of affection.


Tierra Allen Age

The age of Tierra Allen is 29 year.

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Charges on Tierra Allen

Allen’s mother, Tina Baxter, told a local Houston outlet that after the crash, Allen went to the rental car company to get her identification, credit card and some other personal items from her. Baxter said her daughter “discovered that she could only receive those items if she paid an undisclosed amount of money” and alleged that the employee who spoke to her daughter was “very aggressive” and she “yelled at him.”

Baxter would not disclose the amount of money required, saying she was concerned that the published details could cause more problems for her daughter. Allen allegedly began yelling at the employee and claimed that she subsequently chased her out of the building. She called Baxter when she got back to where she was staying. “She was scared, she was scared,” Baxter recalled. “She was very scared.”


Supposedly, a member of the Dubai police appeared and arrested Allen, though it is unclear how long after the argument this took place. The car rental clerk also allegedly doubled the amount of cash required to return her identification to Allen. “It is very scary. The longer he’s been there, the more reality has started to set in,” Baxter said. “He has been very emotional. There are some days I stay up all night crying.”

Baxter contacted the organization Detained in Dubai, which provides legal consultation for clients involved with the UAE. violations of the law. Detained in Dubai executive director Radha Stirling told Newsweek that she reached out to Texas political representatives, including Sen. Ted Cruz, to work with the US consulate to prevent Allen from going to jail. A spokesperson added that the US Embassy and Consulate in the UAE. He was unable to comment on Allen’s case, due to privacy law.

“She is accused of yelling, which is technically a crime under the laws of the United Arab Emirates,” Stirling explained to Fox26. “It is offensive behavior and can justify up to two years in prison.” Cruz’s office said in a statement on July 19: “We have spoken with the family of Tierra Young Allen and have contacted the State Department about the case. Senator Cruz will continue to gather details and participate in this case until Ms. Allen returns home to her family.”


Stirling founded Dubai Detainees after a friend was “wrongly detained” in the United Arab Emirates. more than 15 years ago. “The agency actually told her that they would drop the police case if she paid any money,” Stirling continued to Fox26. “So it’s a form of extortion and blackmail, and it’s extremely common with these car rental companies.”

Arrested in Dubai has covered several cases in Dubai where tourists were allegedly arrested for failing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for their personal belongings after returning a rental car. “I’ve never seen her so stressed,” Baxter said of her daughter. “She just wants to return safely to her home in the US and get back to work.”Read More…….

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