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There is rarely a complete shutdown in delinquency cases. In the Pamela Butler disappearance and murder case, it took more than 10 years to reach a final verdict. Meanwhile, the remains of her have yet to be discovered. The 2009 murder case was reopened multiple times at the insistence of Pamela’s brother, Derrick, who remained active in the investigation during the more than 10 years it took him to bring justice. NBC’s ‘Dateline’ will do a repeat of its 2022 episode based on the case, called ‘A Haunting Stretch of Road’. It will air on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Pamela’s murder was one of the crimes that made meeting people and building relationships on online platforms a terrifying prospect for many. Pamela, 47 at the time, met José Rodríguez-Cruz online in 2009 and began dating him. They had known each other for about 5 months when she mysteriously disappeared from her two-story house in Washington, DC. Family members of her hers reported her missing her when they found her her house in a disorderly state and Pamela was nowhere to be found.

Pamela Butler Age

The age of Pamela Butler was 41 year.


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Who killed Pamela Butler

While there was an overwhelming lack of evidence, the discovery of another murder case’s link to him prompted a further investigation against José. Marta Rodríguez, his ex-wife, had disappeared in a similar way and his remains were identified in 2018, 27 years after they were discovered in 1991. José had a history of assault and abuse in his relationships with women. Years later, he confessed to killing Pamela after persistent questioning by investigators.

Pamela’s concern for safety around her home aided her investigation into her murder. The victim had installed several security cameras that captured José as the last person in contact with her while he was visiting her home on the day of her disappearance in February 2009. His unverified email from her was also an important sign of her disappearance.

José was seen going in and out of her door with suspicious materials such as cleaning supplies and large bags, possibly to clean up the crime scene. Her confession to her revealed that he killed her after they argued. He strangled her to death after attacking her multiple times and dumped her body on the side of Interstate 95. It was the same place where Marta’s body was found. However, Pamela’s remains have yet to be discovered.Read more…….


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