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NEW YORK: Brian Britton , a New York man who killed his parents and brother and wounded his sister 33 years ago, is scheduled to be released starting April 10, according to the state Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. . Britton, who was 16 when he committed the murders, was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. He appeared before the parole board on March 6 and will be released after completing his community preparation.

The Parole Board considers the recommendations of the district attorney, the sentencing court, and the defense attorney in making its decision. In November 2021, the Board denied Britton’s parole, but his appeal was granted and he was interviewed again in March. The board’s reasons for granting his release are unknown and they have declined to comment on the matter reported by USA Today.

Brian Britton Age

The age of Brian Britton was 16 years when he killed his family.


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Brian Britton spent 33 years in prison

The Dutchess County district attorney’s office opposed Britton’s parole in a letter sent to the board before the March 6 hearing. They opposed the decision made by the parole board, citing Britton’s lack of remorse for his actions. The district attorney’s office is waiting to hear the circumstances surrounding Britton’s release, including where he will live, since his sister still lives in the community and they want to ensure his safety, the report said.

“Britton, to my knowledge, has never directly expressed remorse for what he did,” Weishaupt said Tuesday. “What set of facts did they use to put you on parole without any reflex of remorse?” said Senior Assistant District Attorney Matthew Weishaupt.

Britton’s sister has lobbied in the past for her brother to remain in prison. The board had previously denied Britton’s parole in November 2021 because releasing him would “depreciate the serious nature” of his crime and “undermine respect for the law,” the report said, citing the Poughkeepsie Journal, which had obtained the information through a “Freedom of Information Act.” ‘ request. Britton has requested parole several times in the past. The circumstances surrounding his release are being discussed, including where he will live, since his sister still lives in the community and they want to ensure his safety.Read more……


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