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Carlos Alberto Trejo has been accused by a court of killing his roommate, with the weapon that is a compound bow and arrow. The Colorado man who is now being held on a second-degree murder charge allegedly tried to break into the local police station with the intention of turning himself in.

According to court records, Trejo will now face trial in the death of 37-year-old Martín Rodarte.

The 36-year-old convict was apprehended by a Colorado Springs Police Department corporal at approximately 1:23 a.m. m. on December 18, after he was allegedly caught trying to enter through the station’s secure rear parking lot.


Trejo then scaled the back door, which was marked “Authorized Personnel Only”, before he was unable to enter the substation’s locked back door. Unable to get in, he used an ice scraper to break the window near the back door of the station, setting off the fire alarm in the process.

Carlos Alberto Trejo, Accused of Killing Martin Rodarte

The corporal who confronted him during this act is who Trejo allegedly admitted to killing his friend and when asked what he was trying to do in there, Trejo replied that he was “trying to turn himself in.” “I just woke up and I shot my friend in the chest,” Trejo allegedly said, as he provided an address in the 1300 block of Kelly Johnson Boulevard.

“I shot him with an arrow,” he said, naming the victim ‘Martin’. Interestingly, the officer, Corporal A. Grimes, did not take his words literally that he had shot someone to death since he had an encounter with Trejo inside him. a couple of days before this matchup.


“Corporal Grimes told Your Affiant that he had dealt with Mr. Trejo on 12/16/2022, and Mr. Trejo admitted to using acid and cocaine at that time, and Corporal Grimes believed that Mr. Trejo was hallucinating and emotionally distraught during his contact with Mr. Trejo on 12/16/2022,” according to the filed affidavit.

“Corporal Grimes told Your Affiant that he did not believe that Mr. Trejo had shot anyone with an arrow this morning and he believed that Mr. Trejo was still hallucinating and/or under the influence of narcotics.”

Police contacted the address provided by Trejo and found the front door unlocked. After the team entered, they located the body of an adult male on the apartment’s bedroom floor with a “compound archery bow” located next to the body.


The defendant is currently under arrest at the El Paso County Jail on $500,000 bond, according to jail records obtained by Law&Crime. He will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on January 25.Read More….

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