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A 43-year-old white man in Maryland is facing a series of felonies for an alleged mass shooting that took the lives of three of his Latino neighbors, including a father and son, with whom he was in a dispute over street parking. An Anne Arundel County grand jury returned a true bill Friday charging Charles Robert Smith with 42 separate counts, including three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of racial or religious crimes resulting in death for fatally shooting Mario Antonio Mireles, 27, Christian Marlon Segovia, 24, and Mario Mireles Ruiz’s father, Nicolás Mireles, 55, authorities announced.

Under Maryland state law, a hate crime is a criminal act that “appears to be motivated in whole or in part by race, color, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability” and allows prosecutors to seek higher prison sentences for offenders.

According to a news release from the Ann Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Office, the grand jury also indicted Smith on six counts of attempted first-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, and second-degree assault, allegedly committed against six other victims who survived the massacre. Smith also faces nine counts of use of a firearm in a crime of violence for the crimes allegedly committed against the nine victims.


The incident allegedly took place on the night of June 11, according to charging documents obtained by The Baltimore Banner. Documents reportedly indicate Mario Mireles’ mother was having a birthday party at her Paddington Place home when one of the guests allegedly parked across the street and blocked Smith’s driveway. The two families had a long and hostile relationship with each other, according to court documents.

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The age of Charles Robert Smith is 42 year.

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Smith allegedly came out and confronted Mario Mireles in the blocked driveway and the encounter between the two quickly escalated and turned physical. Prosecutors say Smith later drew a firearm during the fight. “During the fight, Mr. Smith shot Mario Mireles. He also shot Christian Segovia,” police said in the charging documents, according to The Washington Post. “Mr. Smith then stepped over Mario Mireles and shot him several more times.”


After allegedly shooting Mario Mireles, authorities say Smith reentered his home, grabbed his rifle, then pointed the firearm through the residence’s front window and began shooting at partygoers. Smith reportedly shot and killed Nicolás Mireles, who had run out to help his son.

The six surviving victims were identified by authorities as Rosalina Segovia, 29, Paul Melvin Johnson III, 28, Enner Joel Cananles-Hernández, 26, Judith Abundez, 26, Harcinia Ruiz, 58, and Mario Ayala Rodriguez, 29. of the three who were shot, one of three, of three, third, third, third, third, third, third was the foot and the feet, the third, the third, the third, the second was the feet, the third, the second was the feet and the feet, the third was the feet and the feet, the third, the second was the feet and the feet, the third, the third was the feet and the feet. Back, police said during a news conference.

Smith reportedly told police that he started shooting “because they shot at his house.” Police have not said if anyone else fired a weapon during the incident. Nicolás Mireles was the father of eight children, including 12-year-old Danny Mireles, who was at the party and saw his father and his brother shot to death. “I was in the car and I saw everything that happened,” Danny told Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL-TV. Danny also provided more details about what supposedly happened that night.


“There was an argument because one of my brother’s friends parked in front of this guy’s house. The old lady came out arguing, so my brother came over to help them, and then the guy came out with his gun and pointed it at my brother,” Danny said. “After that, a whole bunch of my family just run up to him to check if he’s okay, but then the guy comes back out. He starts shooting”.

The boy was understandably emotional when talking about the massacre, visibly crying as he talked about the last moments of his brother and his father. “The guy shot my dad. He killed him,” he said while crying. Smith, who is reportedly a former member of the US Military, is currently being held without bail.Read More……

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