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An unarmed black man who was bitten by an Ohio police dog when he surrendered told 911 dispatchers that the officers were “trying to kill him,” according to audio recordings of the call obtained by CNN. Police said Jadarrius Rose, 23, failed to stop his commercial semi-truck for inspection during a “long” vehicle chase on July 4, the outlet reported.

Audio recordings of Rose’s 911 call released by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, which CNN reportedly reviewed, reveal that Rose said he “was about to comply with them” but “didn’t feel safe to stop” when the officers drew their weapons before he stopped. “I parked the truck and was about to comply with them, but they all had their weapons pulled for whatever reason,” Rose told the 911 dispatcher as he drove, according to audio recordings of the call, according to CNN.

The 911 dispatcher advised Rose: “You have to stop. You’re going to get into more trouble than you already have.” “I don’t know why they’re trying to kill me,” Rose said. The dispatcher responded, “They’re not trying to kill you.” “Yes, they are,” Rose said. “I don’t feel safe with stopping.”


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The age of Jadarius Roseis 23 year.

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Jadarius Rose was attacked by police dog

Body camera footage captured by the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows Rose surrendering, at which point an officer can be heard saying, “Don’t let the dog go with your hands up.” However, the police K-9 fanned out and attacked Rose, who could be heard through yelling, “Take it off.” It appears that not all officers heard the order, as one officer on video said after the incident: “Wasn’t I strong enough?”

According to CNN, Rose was treated for his injuries and taken into custody by police at the Ross County Jail after he was released from the hospital, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol case report obtained by CNN. The report also states that Rose was charged with failure to comply with an order or signal from a police officer.


Rose was then released from police custody on July 7, but more evidence is being collected to determine if she will still face the fourth-degree felony charge, the Ross County District Attorney’s office told CNN. Circleville Mayor Don McIlroy identified the police officer who deployed the K-9 as Ryan Speakman on Monday and told CNN that he has since been placed on paid administrative leave.

McIlroy and Circleville Police Chief G. Shawn Baer said in a joint statement Friday that the Circleville Police Department “was involved in a mutual aid request from the Ohio State Highway Patrol” after a truck driver failed to stop and the K-9 unit responded to the request in support, according to CNN. “In accordance with Circleville Police Department Policy, a Use of Force Review Board was immediately convened and is reviewing the incident,” the statement said, with the findings being released the week of July 31, CNN reports.Read More…….

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