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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – A man accused his girlfriend of trying to run him over with her car after he “took one of her hot fries” from her snack pack, a court heard. Matthew Finn made the unprecedented allegation against his partner, Charlotte Harrison, at Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday, February 27.

Finn told the court that he made a serious mistake by taking a chip from Harrison’s chicken and salad packet when they were traveling in his Subaru on busy Melbourne Street in north Adelaide on Sunday, February 26. “I thought he was done,” Finn told Nine. News off the field. “I shouldn’t have asked for the chip.”

The boyfriend later claimed that Harrison asked him to get out of her car and chased him down the street. “She came right at me,” he said. Investigators later alleged that Harrison slammed into oncoming traffic and a power box while she was trying to hit Finn. Harrison, who faces charges of aggravated endangerment to life and reckless or dangerous driving, denied all the accusations against her, saying she had come to help Finn that day after he called to tell her not to come. I was fine.


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The age of Charlotte Harrison is not known.

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Charlotte Harrison run him over with her car

She further claimed that she was taking him to the hospital, but he attacked her inside the car, causing her to pull over and let him out of her. Harrison’s public defender also pointed out that she “did not intend to harm” Finn, she mistakenly stepped on the accelerator as she tried to make a U-turn on her way to notify police, the DailyMail reported.

“She saw him run away, she tried to make a U-turn to go to the Norwood police station,” her attorney on duty told the court. “She mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake and then hit the post as described in the CCTV footage. It is accepted that when viewing the CCTV footage, it could appear that there was an attempt to endanger the life of the complainant. “The lawyer also revealed that Harrison had revealed to her that Finn had previously abused her and that he was a drug addict who had been in jail.


Harrison, who temporarily represented herself after firing her lawyer, pleaded free on bail and said she should be released because she “complied with authorities” and “did not escape the scene of the collision.” However, Magistrate Ben Sale expressed concern that Harrison was a “flight risk” and stated that the police CCTV account of the incident was “worrying”. Magistrate Sale ordered a home detention bond inquiry report and said he would likely release her under those orders depending on the report.Read More…..

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