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A judge told transgender rapist Isla Bryson that she was not “the victim in this situation” as the 31-year-old was jailed for eight years. Isla Bryson who carried out the attacks when he was still known as Adam Graham, was sentenced in Edinburgh High Court on Tuesday morning. A trial heard last month that Bryson, who met the two victims online, took advantage of vulnerable women. Bryson claimed during her trial that she learned they were transgender at the age of four.

However, the account has been disputed by both Bryson’s wife and mother, who claimed they never showed any interest in transitioning before being accused of rape. Lord Scott, in sentencing Bryson, said the rapist had constructed “an alternative account of the events” in which the two victims colluded. The claims were unsubstantiated and had been rejected by the jury, he said.

Isla Bryson Age

The age of Isla Bryson is 31 years.


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Charges on Isla Bryson

Experts prepared psychological reports on Bryson, with information also presented to the judge by the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow, which offers gender identity services. Lord Scott said there was evidence that Bryson had suffered “serious adverse childhood experiences” and was “vulnerable in some way”.

However, he told Bryson that the seriousness of the crimes “far outweighs any considerations arising from his circumstances.” “You see yourself as the victim in this situation,” Lord Scott said. “You are not. “Your vulnerability is absolutely no excuse for what you did to these two women in 2016 and 2019. Regardless of your own vulnerability, in a period of just under 3 years, you raped two women who can be considered vulnerable.

“The similarities in your vulnerability are consistent with the case brought against you by the Crown, which was that both crimes occurred as part of a course of criminal conduct systematically pursued by you.” Lord Scott heard Edward Targowski KC, representing the defense, tell the court that Bryson had been the subject of “misjudged, misinformed and ignorant” comments about her decision to undergo gender reassignment.Read More…..


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