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A young California mother died after being struck by a lawn mower while lying in a park, and her traumatized family said they found “pieces” of her remains afterwards. Christine Chavez, 27, was lying in a weedy area at Beard Brook Park in Modesto on July 8 when an employee ran over her while she was mowing.

The lawnmower, who was driving a John Deere tractor with a lawn mower, was only able to see Chavez’s body after he had mowed it down. Her father, Christopher Chavez, said that when he went to the scene of her death, there were parts of her body still there. Some of her clothes were also left behind.

“There were a lot of pieces (of her remains) lying around and I called the police,” Chavez said. “I went there and I still have pieces of bone, like pieces of her skull and some of her teeth. It’s awful.’ Chávez was homeless at the time of her death and leaves behind a nine-year-old daughter who is being cared for by her family.


Christine Chavez Age

The age of Christine Chavez was 27 year.

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Christine Chavez cause of death

Another woman in the family, who did not give her name, told Fox40: “I mean, big chunks of her are all over the place, just covered in the grass. ‘We have to go, you know, kind of see the place. “And to be right there looking at the ground and then seeing strands of hair is horrible.”

E & J Gallo Winery, which only bought the park a day before Chavez was killed, issued a statement Friday, “Gallo acquired the Beard Brook Park property in Modesto on Friday, July 7, 2023. On Saturday, July 8, 2023, a landscape contractor was hired to perform brush abatement and fire prevention services.”


‘There was an accident at approximately 12:00 p.m. involving the contractor’s tractor and an individual who was not visible and who was lying in a high, weeded area. The contractor immediately contacted the Modesto Police Department, and upon arrival, MPD officers declared the person deceased. “Gallo expresses his sincerest condolences to the victim’s family,” the statement continued.

Grover Landscaping Services, which mows the park, also issued a statement Friday. “In a dry, brushy area, our operator discovered the body of a female struck by the lawn mower, at which time he contacted the Modesto Police Department,” the statement read.

Both Gallo and Grover have promised to cooperate with any investigation into Chavez’s death. Chávez’s brother-in-law, José Zermeño, said he has experience with the type of machines that ended up killing his sister-in-law and believes there may have been negligence.


“I work with machinery, I know that when you are with machinery, you pay attention to what is in front of you, especially if you have something dragging behind you,” Zermeño told Fox 40. “And that he doesn’t see anything hidden.” in front of him, I wasn’t doing his job. Chavez’s family says they will do everything possible to get justice for his beloved daughter. “I am saddened by what happened to my daughter and we want justice for the way she died,” said Christine’s mother, Josefina Chávez.

At a city council meeting, Dez Martinez, a member of the homeless advocacy organization We Are Not Invisible, criticized the city and said his heart was broken for Chavez’s father. “He doesn’t even get to see his daughter,” he said. ‘You can kiss your children good night. If you buried them, you can see them. He does not. Thank you.’ Martínez criticized the treatment of Modesto’s homeless population beyond what happened to Chávez.

‘What happened to building affordable housing, small home villages, safe encampments, to get people off the streets so they won’t be raped, murdered and run over while napping in a park?’ Both Modesto police and Mayor Sue Zwahlen spoke at the same meeting, apologizing for Chavez’s death but calling it an accident. The family has started a Gofundme to raise money for Chavez’s daughter and get justice for Christine.Read more……


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