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GEORGIA: An Indiana woman, Ciera Breland went missing while allegedly preparing to file for divorce from her husband. Authorities have designated Ciera’s husband, Xavier Breland, as a “person of interest,” although no criminal charges have been filed against him in connection with her disappearance.

Ciera, who is still missing, was last seen at 7:17 p.m. m. on February 24, 2022, when she was seen waiting outside her mother-in-law’s home in Johns Creek, Georgia, for a delivery. Since then, there have been several targeted searches and evidence gathered inside her mother-in-law’s house, but as of Tuesday, February 28, police declared that there were no new developments despite the fact that the investigation was “very active”, according to Fox News. On February 25, 2022, Xavier reported that his wife had disappeared from her home in Carmel, Indiana. He informed authorities that she may have gone to visit a nearby CVS but never returned.

Ciera Breland Age

The age of Ciera Breland is not known.


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Ciera Breland went missing

Xavier’s narrative changed two days after he reported Ciera missing when, in a heartfelt Zoom call, he told her stepsons that “someone kidnapped her” and vowed to find her missing wife from her. . On the call, he said: “Someone kidnapped my wife. Do you know what it means when you kidnap an adult? She’s not coming home, dude.”

In addition, the FBI stated that there is no evidence that Ciera returned to Indiana after her vacation in Georgia, where she was visiting her family with Xavier, her 5-month-old son, and her dog. Kelly Locklair, Ciera’s mother, claimed that her daughter had no plans to return to Indiana. Court documents from a civil dispute between Xavier’s mother and Xavier’s sister revealed that the couple resided with Xavier’s mother from February 14, 2022, to February 24, 2022.

After considerable police suspicions of Xavier, his attorney Bryan Howard stated: “There will be no movement in this case if they only focus on him. He did nothing.” In a series on Investigation Discovery, Ciera’s family claimed that she was preparing to leave Xavier, but was delayed because she was concerned that he would be awarded joint custody of her child in the event of a divorce.


Who is Xavier?

Xavier is the spouse of Ciera, who has been missing for a year, and also has a criminal record dating back to 2005. Court records state that he was convicted of felony robbery in 2005 and was also charged with a separate weapons offense. of fire for “an accidental discharge of a firearm” at his home on February 28, 2022, two days after he reported Ciera missing.

When Coweta County, Georgia, authorities discovered Xavier had an outstanding warrant for aggravated stalking, they accused him of concealing a tracker inside his daughter’s stuffed animal to track down his ex-wife during a fight. for custody. When a jury found him not guilty of the charges in August 2022, he was deported from Georgia to Hamilton County, Indiana in February 2023 on a weapons charge. He has already obtained bail, and at his hearing he expressed to the judge his desire to recover his life.Read More…..

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