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The grieving family of a missing 17-year-old Virginia boy is calling for justice after his dismembered body was found buried in a shallow grave. Cion Carroll’s remains were found in Lunenburg County on November 12, just 10 days after her mother reported him missing. Cion Carroll

Cion was last seen on November 2 at his grandparents’ house in Kenbridge. His family said he suspected something was wrong after he did not answer his mobile phone, which he always carried with him.

Tiffany Baker, Cion’s mother, said they immediately contacted the Kenbridge Police Department, but they did not respond. “I notified them the second day that my son had to be in danger,” Tiffany told the Sun. “I was given different scenarios about what probably happened, but as his mother, I knew those scenarios weren’t true.”


The department’s ignorance forced Carroll’s family to search for him without help. “The family had to conduct their own independent searches and investigations and contact the media to raise awareness,” a GoFundMe page set up by the family said.

Tiffany noted that at the time the only information they had was that Cion’s iPhone pinged his last location at a home on Poor House Road in Lunenburg County.

She claimed that the police ignored the tip of him and did not search the property. “Nothing was done about it. No search warrant, nothing.” She told Sun. “In fact, they made us leave the property.”


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Cion Carroll Age

The age of Cion Carroll was 12 years.


Cion Carroll Found buried after being shot, cause of death

Ten days later, the family’s worst fears were confirmed. State police announced that remains recovered from a shallow grave on November 11 have been recognized as those of Cion.

They also noted that the dismembered body was found at a property in the 200 block of Seay Way, which is not far from Poor House Road, The Sun reported. Police are currently investigating Cion’s death as a homicide.

“He had two gunshot wounds, one to the head and one to the back that hit him in the spine,” the teen’s mother told the Richmond County Medical Examiner’s office. “He Then he was dismembered, and they poured bleach along with cement, and then they buried him.”


The devastated family revealed that they have received very little information on the status of the case. Cion’s grandfather, Junius Carter, said: “I just can’t understand why they haven’t had suspects and reached out to give us an update.

We need some answers.” The grandfather said the fear of him will deepen until someone comes forward with information that could lead to an arrest. “It’s going to happen to another kid because they think they can get away with it,” Carter said. di This.

We’re not giving up, and you’re not sweeping this under the rug, so if you know something, say something. Please”.


Tiffany said the family feels like they’ve been left in the dark on purpose. “My soul is just gone. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I just lie there and think about my son.

He just wanted something different for himself. He just wanted him to have a better life to follow his dreams.”Read More….

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