Colorado house where JonBenet Ramsey body was found

COLORADO: The house where JonBenét Ramsey was found dead is for sale for nearly $7 million. The six-year-old pageant queen was found murdered in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado, home in 1996. The five-bedroom, 7,240-square-foot home was listed for sale on Wednesday, March 1. market multiple times since 2008. Prior to this time, it was up for sale in 2014 for nearly $2 million. Colorado house where JonBenet Ramsey body was found.

Ramsey’s murder has been a topic of public debate among pundits and common people even after all these years. His family spent years living in fear and the case remains unsolved to this day. In 2008, prosecutors issued a formal apology to his family and cleared his brother and their parents of any wrongdoing in his death, according to NBC.

On the morning of December 26, 1996, Ramsey’s mother, Patsy, called 911 to report a ransom note at the bottom of a staircase, MEAWW reported. A few hours later, John, Ramsey’s father, found the boy’s body in a little-used room in the basement of the family’s large house. According to public records, the Ramseys paid $500,000 for the five-bedroom home in 1991. According to The Denver Post, they sold the home to a group of investors in 1998 for $650,000.


JonBenet Ramsey Age

The age of JonBenet Ramsey was 6 year.

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Colorado house where she was killed on the market for almost $7M

Since then, both the ownership of the property and the street address have changed. The location’s address changed from 755 15th Street to 749 15th Street in 2001. Its current owners, Tim and Carol Schuller Milner, who is the daughter of ‘Hour of Power’ televangelist Robert H. Schuller. They paid $1.05 million for it in 2004. According to Zillow, property taxes on the Ramseys’ previous home were $19,405 in 2022.

More than 10,000 people had seen the list at the time of writing, and approximately 400 people had saved it. A basketball hoop in a snow-covered backyard and a towering fence separating the home’s front entrance from the street can be seen in shots taken from inside the home’s eight bathrooms and its carpeted staircase, according to reports. .


Patsy did not live to see her name cleared as she died in 2006. Ramsey’s brother Burke was nine years old when she was murdered and has refused to speak to the public despite many experts and amateur detectives claiming that he is responsible. He finally spoke out in 2016 during an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, during which he maintained that he was innocent, NBC reported.Read More…..

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