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A Pennsylvania woman was sentenced for helping a man burn the body of her boyfriend and father of her children, cleaning blood stains from a vehicle and attempting to sell the murder weapon, an AR-15 rifle, in a failed cover-up of the crime last year, prosecutors said. Courtney Boden, 25, was sentenced to 2 to 12 years for covering up the murder of Tyler Matthai, authorities said. She pleaded guilty to abuse of a corpse, two counts of conspiracy to abuse a corpse and four counts of tampering with evidence, prosecutors said.

It all happened on April 26, 2022, when authorities say Matthai’s cousin, Derek Edward Ashley Louk, allegedly shot Matthai twice with an AR-15 rifle after Matthai broke into his home and dragged Boden into a car outside. Louk then allegedly dragged her body into a hole in his yard, buried it under tires, doused it with kerosene and burned it for six hours while she slept, authorities said in a criminal complaint and affidavit obtained by Law & Crime.

Courtney Boden Age

The age of Courtney S. Boden is 25 years.


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Charges on Courtney S. Boden

Louk, 29, faces charges of first and third degree murder and felony manslaughter, aggravated assault, abuse of a corpse, tampering/fabricating physical evidence, simple assault and reckless endangerment. His case is pending. The criminal complaint and affidavit dated May 14, 2022 document the case and include statements Louk allegedly made to police after Louk’s arrest at his home.

Louk allegedly said that he and Boden had been friends since he moved to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, seven years earlier. Matthai and Boden had an abusive relationship, he allegedly said, according to the document. Louk allegedly said Matthai broke into her front door, dragged Boden out of her living room and dumped her in the backseat of her Pontiac.

Louk allegedly told investigators that he recovered an AR-15 rifle from inside his home, went back outside, and fired a single shot that struck Matthai in the right arm as he stood by the sedan’s driver’s-side door. Pontiac. He allegedly said Matthai then leaned into the car and fired a second shot that hit him in the back, according to the documents. After allegedly shooting Matthai, Louk knew he was dead because he checked Matthai’s neck for a pulse multiple times, according to the affidavit.


Louk allegedly dragged the body of his cousin through his yard and placed it in a hole in the ground. He put tires on top of the body and poured kerosene over the pile before setting it on fire, the document says. Louk said the fire burned for what he believes was six hours while he went to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, he dumped dirt where he had burned Matthai’s body, he allegedly said, according to the document.

Authorities said a relative told police Boden said Matthai had been using drugs and that he was high that night. She said he was physical with Boden, and Louk told her to stop or he would shoot her, according to court documents. The woman said Boden told her he didn’t stop and that Louk allegedly shot her in the upper left arm, according to the affidavit. Boden told the witness that he stopped the bleeding and Matthai started using more drugs, overdosed and died.

“She related that the body and belongings were then disposed of in an unknown manner, but nothing remained of the body,” the affidavit reads. Boden tried to clean bloodstains from a vehicle, destroyed other evidence and tried to sell the murder weapon, prosecutors said.Read More…..


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