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Irish killer who murdered his ex-girlfriend has been savagely attacked in prison. Daniel Murtagh, 36, who bludgeoned his ex-girlfriend Nadine Lott, 30, to death while their six-year-old daughter slept next to her at their home in Arklow, County Wicklow, was stabbed “from temple to chin at Midlands Gaol on Tuesday, January 18. Murtagh suffered many injuries after being attacked in jail and was sent to Portlaoise Hospital after losing a lot of blood.

During the December 2019 attack, it was reported that the ambulance personnel who arrived at the scene were deeply shocked by her injuries, as she had been beaten so badly that her face was barely recognizable. Lott died at St. Vincent’s Hospital three days later as a result of her “extreme and grotesque” injuries.

She allegedly suffered “severe injuries to her head, neck, and chest.” Murtagh was found guilty on August 5, 2021, and has since been sentenced to prison. According to a source who spoke to the Sunday World, the killer had a propensity to irritate other prisoners, and this “eventually came back to him”.


Daniel Murtagh Age

The age ofDaniel Murtagh is 30 years.

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Daniel Murtagh Man who killed ex-GF Nadine Lott

“The incident started on the B1 landing at approximately 5pm [on Tuesday],” a prison source told the newspaper. “Murtagh is an inmate who rubs people the wrong [way] and it looks like it finally came back on him. The boy who attacked him ripped him open from temple to chin. Murtagh was losing a lot of blood when the staff got to him and He had to be rushed to Portlaoise Hospital,” the source added.

“Despite the best efforts of the staff, he lost a large amount of blood and is still there under guard tonight,” the source added. “He will carry the scars of what he went through today for the rest of his life,” they concluded. According to the source, the prisoner who assaulted Murtagh was detained by guards immediately afterwards and is currently separated from other prisoners.


According to the source, the inmate and a second suspect believed to have participated in the attack are both low-level criminals who have a history of violence within the jail. It is believed that they launched the attack in an effort to seize control of the facility’s hierarchy. Kinahan Cartel shooter Gary Thompson was also reportedly assaulted by the same couple a few weeks ago, according to a source. Thompson is currently serving a 12 1/2-year sentence for his part in a plot to kill Patrick “Patsy” Hutch, the brother of Gerry Hutch.Read More…..

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