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An 11-year-old girl was attacked with acid during an argument at a Detroit playground last Sunday, according to a report. Deaira Summers was on the Vernor Elementary School playground with her siblings and her cousin when an argument broke out between her cousin and a 12-year-old girl, according to CBS News. The 12-year-old girl’s mother handed her a bottle of acid which she threw on the girls. Summers, who was not involved in the fight, suffered severe burns to his back, legs and arms.

Deaira Summers Age

The age of Deaira Summers is 11 year.

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Who threw acid on Deaira Summers

Summers took off his shirt and ran toward her house as the acid burned through her clothes. “Two seconds later, she started burning and went through my shirt, my shorts,” Summers told WSAZ. She “she was screaming and she was crying.” Her family took her to a hospital for treatment, where she stayed for three days.


The 12-year-old girl, who has not been publicly named, was charged with assault and attempted bodily harm after throwing unidentified acid at Deaira Summers, her cousin and her siblings. Summers’ mother, Dominique, told WSAZ that the hospital did not know what type of acid the unidentified girl had thrown at her daughter.

The New York Post has contacted the family for comment. Although the preteen is no longer in the hospital, she has to bandage her left arm and legs while she continues to recover from the “traumatizing” experience. “I feel like there should be consequences because I didn’t do anything to that girl,” Summers told the outlet.

Summers’ grandmother, Debra Golston, said the girl was “lucky to be alive” after suffering third-degree burns. The suspect appeared in court for a preliminary hearing on Saturday and was posted $10,000 bail. He was ordered not to have contact with Summers or any of the other witnesses. The 12-year-old is due back in court on July 18.Read more……


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