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Noted restaurateur and convicted murderer Greg Leon died in prison a week after serving his sentence. The South Carolina Department of Corrections reported that just after lunch Friday, Leon was found hanging from his cell in Kirkland. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but died just before midnight.

The South Carolina Department of Corrections tweeted: “Inmate Gregorio M. Leon, 56, died at a local hospital last night. Leon was found unconscious in his Kirkland cell shortly after lunch yesterday. The death is being investigated as a suspected suicide.” Although Leon had a cellmate, he was alone when he hanged himself. The police also informed that an autopsy will be carried out.

Leon’s friend and lawyer, Eric Bland, tweeted paying tribute: “Life keeps on beating. My good friend and friend of so many Greg Leon passed away at 11:56 last night. It hurts me a lot. He left a legacy for sure. 2023 has not been a great year for me so far. Maybe even the years are better. Greg lived a full life. He was super religious. I met with him on Thursday and he saw that I was distraught. He told me that God has a plan for him and that he somehow believed that something good would come to him. Here’s a picture of Greg praying to Mother Mary during his trial. pretty special EB


Greg Leon Age

the age of Greg Leon was 56 year.

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Greg Leon died in prison

According to The Post and Courier, on July 6, Leon was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing 28-year-old Arturo Bravo Santos, who was found in an intimate position with Leon’s wife, Rachel, in the back seat of a truck. The murder occurred on Valentine’s Day 2016. León was also charged with possession of a weapon while committing a violent crime.

In the 1970s, León moved to the US from Mexico, where he and his wife Rachel ran a chain of Mexican restaurants by the name of San Jose Mexican. They had seven children together. However, their lives changed on the night of February 14, 2016. The couple went out for a family dinner and then parted ways for the night.


During earlier court testimony from him, Leon revealed that he had planted a tracker in Rachel’s Mercedes car. He reasoned that he was worried about Rachel because she seemed depressed and distant. He further claimed that tens of thousands of dollars had disappeared from her safe over time. He said that he thought Rachel was probably taking drugs and felt it was necessary to install the tracker.

On February 14, 2016, after Leon and Rachel had split up, he went to his restaurant and checked the tracker only to find the location showing Interstate 26 and US 378. He went there immediately and found a new Toyota Tundra parked. right next to Rachel’s Mercedes. . Surveillance camera footage shows him walking around the car and pulling out his revolver. He said that he heard a scream. León then fired three shots through the open door of the car, killing Santos. Santos’s body fell face down in the parking lot clad only in socks.

Rachel was the only witness to the murder but did not testify in court. After seven years on trial, Leon was sentenced to 30 years, which he began serving in Kirkland prior to his death.Read More…..


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