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The baseball player boyfriend of Alexee Trevizo, the New Mexico teen accused of murdering her baby, was filmed telling police he was the baby’s father after she wrapped it in plastic bags and dumped it in the trash from the hospital bathroom. Alexee, who insists she did not know she was pregnant when she gave birth on January 27 at Artesia General Hospital, will stand trial later this year for murder and evidence tampering.

She went to the hospital with her mother saying that her back hurt, but insisting that she had never had sexual intercourse. After secretly giving birth in a locked patient bathroom, she wrapped her baby in a plastic garbage bag and tossed it in the trash, where a cleaner later found it. He was dead when discovered.

Devyn Fierro Age

the age of Devyn Fierro is not declared but he is in his teenage.


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Devyn Fierro

In the chaotic aftermath of that discovery, police interviewed Alexee’s boyfriend, Devyn Fierro, and her mother, Melanie. At no point during the publicly available video of the interview did Devyn confirm whether or not he knew Alexee was pregnant. Her mother, Rosa Rodríguez, emphatically told the hospital staff and the police that she did not know that she was pregnant.


Devyn told police that Alexee had been complaining of pain in her hip and lower back. Her mother, Melanie, was silent throughout the interview. Rosa, her mother, and her stepfather, were most visibly emotional and upset. After giving birth on January 27, Alexee was allowed to return home and to school.

She and Devyn even attended prom in April and posed for photos with a local photographer. She was arrested in May after an autopsy report revealed that the baby had air in her lungs when she died, suggesting that she may have been alive and breathing when she was born.

Alexee had told the police that she was stillborn. After being arrested, the 19-year-old was released from jail on bail and allowed to return to school again. He is on track to graduate before he is due back in court in September to face trial.Read More…….


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