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Teenage twin sisters were killed Tuesday night when a Russian missile struck a crowded pizzeria in eastern Ukraine, killing 10 and injuring dozens. Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko, 14, were confirmed among the victims killed in the Kramatorsk blast by the town hall’s Telegram account on Wednesday, the BBC reported.

At least 10 people were killed and 61 wounded when the missile reduced the RIA pizzeria and the surrounding shopping center to rubble on Tuesday night, SkyNews said.

A second missile also hit the outskirts of the city, injuring five. “I ran here after the explosion because I rented a cafe here… Everything has been blown up there,” a 64-year-old resident named Valentyna told Reuters of the scene. “None of the glass, windows or doors remain. All I see is destruction, fear and horror. This is the 21st century.”


In addition to Yuliya and Anna, at least two other children are believed to have died in the blast. Kramatorsk Mayor Oleksandr Goncharenko posted on Telegram that the body of a child had been pulled from the rubble, though he did not give the child’s age. Another 17-year-old girl is also among the dead, and a baby is among the injured.

Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko Age

The age of twins sister was 14 year.

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Yuliya and Anna Aksenchenko cause of death

Yuliya and Anna were students at Primary School No. 2, the city’s education department said, according to SkyNews. The sisters graduated from eighth grade this year and would have turned 15 in September.


A Russian rocket stopped the heartbeats of two angels,” the office wrote on Telegram. Footage from hours after the attack shows a mess of distorted metal and other debris as rescuers scrambled to find the trapped victims. Freelance journalist Arnaud De Decker said on Twitter that people were still “screaming under the rubble” hours after the initial blast.

He also shared a photo that he took from inside the RIA restaurant just 20 minutes before the attack. The store is believed to have been a known hotspot for local journalists, SkyNews said. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack as a “manifestation of terror.”

“[This] proves time and time again to us and to the whole world that Russia deserves only one thing as a result of everything it has done: defeat and a court, fair and legal trials against all [Russian] murderers and terrorists. ”. he wrote on Twitter. Zelensky noted that the RIA missile attack took place exactly one year after a Russian missile killed 22 people at a shopping mall in Kremenchuk. Tuesday’s attack was the deadliest since a missile attack on an apartment building in Uman, central Ukraine, in April killed 23 people.


Moscow’s attack on the RIA was almost certainly highly intentional, journalist Dominic Waghorn told SkyNews. For some reason someone in the Russian military thought it would be a good idea to fire an S-300 surface-to-air missile [at the restaurant],” he said. “That’s a 23-foot [7-meter] long missile, packed with explosives, usually fired from the back of a truck and designed to shoot down a plane.

“It’s a pretty accurate ammunition. So they probably knew exactly what they were shooting at and unless there was a military justification for attacking a pizzeria, which there almost certainly wasn’t, it’s an alleged war crime.” While rescue operations at the RIA site continued through Wednesday, officials also confirmed that three other people were killed by Russian shelling in Kharkiv.

The three victims were men aged 45, 48 and 57, the BBC reported. Russia has often attacked Ukrainian cities since it launched its invasion in February 2022. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied that its military is intentionally targeting civilians.Read More……..


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