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The stately 1915 mansion of Dr. Devon Hoover on a quiet, tree-lined street in Detroit’s historic Boston-Edison neighborhood, once the site of candlelight soirees and community events, now sits in the dark. On April 23, the body of the beloved 53-year-old neurosurgeon was found in the attic of the three-story home she lovingly restored, shot twice in the back of the head, according to the autopsy report obtained by PEOPLE. .

As news of his shocking death broke, tributes poured in from former patients, co-workers and friends who remembered him for his warmth, generosity of spirit and talent as a surgeon. “She was a very kind and gentle soul,” Hoover’s former neighbor Jeanne Wyatt, 75, tells PEOPLE. “He was a very successful neurosurgeon, but he had no airs. He just a down to earth person and very involved in the community. It is a terrible loss for all of us.”

Renowned for his surgical skills and gentle treatment of patients, Hoover was also known for spending hours searching for the perfect artwork and antiques to fill the nine-bedroom mansion he bought in 2008.“He had a very good eye for decorating and restoration,” says Wyatt.]


Dr. Devon Hoover Age

The age of Dr. Devon Hoover was 53 years.

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Dr. Devon Hoover cause of death

“Every time he bought a new piece of art or an antique, he would invite us to wine so we could see it or the things he had done around the house,” she adds. “He did this so we could all share in the glory of helping our old houses come back to life.” As much as the beloved neurosurgeon loved the house, living alone in the cavernous house made him nervous, another neighbor, James Murphy, tells PEOPLE.


“You’re always cautious,” says Murphy. “Being in that kind of home, living alone and so on, you always had to keep your eyes open. ‘Be careful. Be careful outside. Pay attention,” was something we always said to each other.” Murphy says that he still can’t believe that what Hoover feared most about living alone has come true.

At 8:13 p.m. on April 23, at the urging of a relative, Detroit police went to the $1.2 million Hoover residential section for a welfare check, the spokesman for the department told PEOPLE. Detroit Police Department, Corporal Dan Donakowski. The body of the beloved doctor known for performing free surgeries for patients who couldn’t afford it was reportedly found inside an attic basement and covered with a duvet, sheet and rug.

They reportedly dragged him up to the penthouse face down and naked, with only one sock on his foot. Saying that the department’s homicide unit is investigating “day and night,” White adds: “We are confident that our victim and the perpetrator knew each other.”


Shortly after the murder, police arrested a person of interest but released him. As of press time, police have yet to make any arrests in the case. Dedicated to helping others, Hoover was known for sharing his stately home with the community. “He opened his house up for a lot of house and garden tours and fundraisers,” says Wyatt.

Paying as much attention to the exterior of his home as the interior, Hoover took particular notice of the lush green hedges in his perfectly manicured yard. “Hedges were his specialty,” says his obituary, “and only he could meet his own standards. One of his friends jokingly threatened to burn down the hedges because Devon was turning down too many social invitations, saying, “Oh, I can’t go because I need to trim the hedges.” Hoover had a wide circle of friends, but he was also close to his family, whom he was reportedly going to see in Indiana the weekend he died. The fourth child of seven, Hoover and his six sisters grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Elkhart, Indiana.

As much as he loved milking cows and harvesting crops, he dreamed of becoming a doctor at a young age. After graduating from Indiana University School of Medicine in 1996, he completed his residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and became a board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in disorders of the neck and back.


Authorities have not said anything about why or where Hoover was in the days before his body was discovered. What is known is that Hoover made sure to buy flowers at the city’s East Market every Saturday, but didn’t come on Saturday, April 22, florist Sara Dougherty wrote on the Justice for Dr. Devon Hoover Facebook page.Read More…….


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