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The children of a Texas mother who was allegedly killed by her ex-husband during a weekend getaway to Las Vegas are unable to attend her funeral due to “jurisdictional issues.” Nydia Lopez-Garcia  37, was found dead in a room at the MGM Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip on May 28. Fernando Gomez, 42, her ex-husband from whom she separated last year, was arrested and accused of killing her.

According to police, Gomez “killed his ex-wife and then injured herself before calling the police.” On the 911 call, he told officers, “I slit his throat with glass,” KSNV reports.

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The age of Fernando Gomez is 42 years.


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Fernando Gomez killed his wife

The couple, who shared three children, were married for 14 years but decided to separate in 2022. However, they recently reconnected and decided to spend the weekend together in Las Vegas. The cause of death for Lopez-Garcia was strangulation, with other major injuries and sharp force injuries to the head and neck.

Her three children also joined them in Las Vegas, but they were staying in a different hotel room. Now, the family faces another fight. Candace Garza, the sister of Nydia López-García, says that two of the children have not been able to return to their home in Mesquite, Texas because Gómez still has custody over them.

As a result, the two youngest sons are unable to attend their mother’s funeral. It could be two months before the children can return to Texas, her aunt says. Garza told CBS: ‘The children were in a different hotel room. My sister fought to return to the children. It was a brutal murder due to domestic violence.


“[The children] have been released to me, but we are not allowed to leave Clark County until the details of the jurisdiction between Las Vegas and Dallas are worked out. ‘I was told that the judges in Las Vegas need to communicate with the judges in Texas and they have to transfer jurisdiction. ‘It’s honestly… and I don’t say this lightly… it’s the most difficult and challenging I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life.

‘Your sister is taken from you in a brutal murder, there are orphans who cannot return home They are not even allowed to go to their mother’s funeral. We’re trying to push her funeral back so we can get them home, and time is running out. “They are grieving with only one person instead of a supportive family, surrounding them with love.”

The GoFundMe page stated: ‘At the heart of this story is a family that has suffered an unimaginable act. Three children lost their mother to a senseless act of violence, and now they are overwhelmed with grief and don’t know where to go next. ‘Her mother of hers was a victim of domestic violence and she lost her life on May 28, 2023 in a hotel room at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


‘Currently, her aunt Candace, on her mother’s side, just received emergency custody of them, but she will have to remain in Las Vegas for now (they live in a suburb of Dallas, TX). As you know, the financial burden that accompanies tragedy can be just as devastating as the emotional toll. “The family is in urgent need of financial assistance and I hope their story resonates with the public.”Read More……..

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