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In November 2016, 20-year-old Elly Warren was found dead in Mozambique. She was face down behind a toilet block in the coastal city of Tofo. As an aspiring marine biologist, she was two days away from returning to her Melbourne home after volunteering with a conservation program. The original report from Mozambique described her death as violent.

Nearly seven years later, the police finally ruled it a homicide. It’s news that Elly’s father, Paul, has been waiting for from her, but upon receiving it he arrived with mixed emotions. “They have suspects,” Warren told 9News. “We’re hopeful now, probably more hopeful than ever that someone can be charged.” The finding came after a Victorian coroner told the Australian Federal Police to “move heaven and earth to do what they can to try and get answers for this family.”

That was in February of this year, and officers have traveled to East Africa ever since. Warren is grateful for the coroner’s leadership and the movement it generated, but he doesn’t think AFP has done enough. Instead, he feels that Elly’s family has had to find the answers for themselves. While the police have ruled that Elly was murdered, she has yet to pass the final step of a judge reviewing the evidence in Mozambique.


Warren hopes that a judge in the country will agree that there is enough evidence to continue the investigation, and that the police have not yet found enough to charge anyone. He also wants Australia to send a request for assistance requesting the release of the file. Warren traveled to the small town to conduct her own investigations. He wants the AFP to change the way it operates abroad to better support families who lose loved ones in suspicious circumstances.

Elly Warren Age

The age of Elly Warren was 20 year.

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Elly Warren cause of death

A three-day hearing will take place this week at Victoria’s coroner’s court to look into Elly’s death. Her family believes there is enough evidence for the coroner to find out that she was murdered. “It’s important from an Australian perspective that we agree with Mozambique as well, and it’s not just swept under the rug,” Warren said. Retired homicide detective Charlie Bezzina has spent years supporting Paul and reviewing the case.


Sand was found deep in Elly’s lungs, indicating that she had drowned and that she had injuries to her neck and face. An examination in Melbourne could not determine her cause of death, but the veteran investigator has no doubt that she was murdered. “This is a murder. This was a homicide that needs to be properly investigated with the federal police looking over the shoulders of the Mozambique authorities,” he said.

Bezzina has written a report for the coroner, taking evidence from crime scene photos, reports, witnesses, and autopsies.
He believes that Mozambique’s acceptance that Elly was murdered will carry weight in the investigation. He hopes that along with a homicide finding there will be recommendations to change AFP’s operating procedures. Have the Australian authorities on the ground and use experienced homicide investigators.

“Controlling the crime scene, controlling the deceased, what happens to the deceased, the autopsies… that is the role of the Federal Police to intensify,” Bezzina said. The three-day inquest begins Tuesday in Melbourne in front of State Coroner Judge John Cain. Warren hopes the audience will be filled with loved ones showing their support for Elly.


Explaining how he will continue to fight for answers and assistance from the Australian authorities, he said: “It’s important that I do this for her because I know full well that she would do it for me.” After the investigation, the coroner will deliver his findings, which can take several months.Read More……

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