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An upstate New York police officer has been arrested after an investigation revealed she was responsible for sending threatening text messages to herself, despite claiming they were from her colleagues. Emily Hirshowitz, 36, of the Ossining Police Department, filed a report with the district attorney’s office in May 2022, claiming to have received threatening text messages from various anonymous numbers.

She said she believed her fellow officers were behind the messages, writing in a complaint that “a fellow officer or multiple officers from my department are involved.” Months later, in July and August, Hirshowitz filed more complaints, this time including screenshots of expletive-filled messages.

Emily Hirshowitz Age

The age of Emily Hirshowitz is 36 year.


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Charges on Emily Hirshowitz

Messages from her called her ‘useless’, ‘dumb’ and ‘rejected’, while others were full of insults and some even suggested that she commit suicide. The nature of the messages led to a police investigation and the involvement of the district attorney concerned about “increasingly threatening content.”

In August, Hirshowitz suddenly seemed interested in dropping the investigation, but her superiors were persistent and wanted to get to the bottom of who was behind the messages. Her bosses pushed for the prosecutor’s office to continue investigating the matter even though Hirshowitz told the office that she no longer wanted to pursue the complaint.

A department-wide meeting was held on August 23 and attended by the Mayor of Ossining along with Police Chief Kevin Sylvester. It wasn’t long before investigators began to suspect that Hirshowitz herself was behind the messages. She obtained a search warrant for her cell phone and Apple iCloud accounts in October.


Prosecutors found evidence indicating that she controlled several of the phone numbers from which the threatening messages were sent, with at least eight messages coming from devices she owned. Hirshowitz, who studied at Sacred Heart University, joined the small Ossining Police Department in 2016 from the New Rochelle Police Department.

The force has just 58 officers on her staff and she was recognized as the ‘Employee of the Year’ by the local Rotary Club branch in 2018. On winning the award, she was described as someone who had “a huge impact”. Hirshowitz was celebrated as an officer dedicated to her role thanks to her “hard work, dedication and absolute love for the community.”

She was ranked among the best officers when it comes to arrest, vehicle and traffic enforcement. Hirshowitz has now been charged with four counts of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree and three counts of presenting a false instrument in the first degree at the Westchester District Attorney’s Office.


The latter charge is a felony that charges her with intentionally filing a report to defraud. After her charges, she was suspended with pay. The criminal complaint explained that three of the text messages appeared to have been sent by someone known to the prosecutor’s office but did not identify the individual.

Another former Ossining police officer, Louis Rinaldi, who had previously resigned on separate disciplinary charges, was also mentioned as a possible Hirshowitz accomplice.

Hirshowitz’s attorney, Paul DerOhannesian, says more information needs to be gathered about the case. “There is a lot of mystery and confusion surrounding the allegations in this case and we will evaluate that as we learn more,” DerOhannesian told the New York Post. Hirshowitz will appear in White Plains Municipal Court on July 12.Read More…….


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