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The identities of two people who were killed in a mass shooting at a Baltimore block party have been revealed, when video surfaced showing revelers twerking before gunshots erupted. Baltimore City Police identified Kylis Fagbemi, 20, and Aaliyah Gonzales, 18, later that day with Metro Crime Stoppers posting images of the couple.

Baltimore’s interim police commissioner, Richard Worley, told Fox Baltimore that of the 28 other victims, at least 14 were minors and 9 remain in the hospital, some in critical condition. Video footage that emerged in the aftermath of the tragedy showed partygoers twerking and dancing in the streets hours before a gunman opened fire.

Police say they are still searching for the suspects, but called the crime scene “extensive” and said other jurisdictions were also working with them to identify the motive for the attack. “We know for sure that there is definitely more than one [suspect]. We don’t know exactly how many, but we do know that more than one person was shooting,” Worley said.


Not much is currently known about Fagbemi, but a heartbreaking Facebook post made by Gonzales’s mother, Krystal, revealed that the 18-year-old had recently graduated from high school. The grieving mother couldn’t believe she posted photos and videos of her daughter before her untimely death.

‘MY BABY!!! The worst day of my life! I can’t do life without her. I NEED HER!!” she captioned the post. ‘Why would they do this to a perfect angel? I love you so much baby. I didn’t get there fast enough. God this is a mistake!!! Please!!’ Hundreds commented on Krystal’s post sharing her condolences.

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The age of Kylis Fagbemiwas 20 year.


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Kylis Fagbemi was shot and killed

“This was a reckless and cowardly act that occurred here and has permanently altered many lives and cost two people their lives,” Mayor Brandon Scott said Sunday afternoon. I want those responsible to listen to me, to hear me very clearly: we will not stop until we find you. And we will find you.

Video taken about three hours before the shooting showed a crowd of hundreds of people gathered at the block party dancing and twerking before the night turned horrific. The 12-second clip was posted to TikTok with a timestamp and a caption that read, “Glad I left when I did it, it was fun but scary!”

The shooting took place shortly after 12:30 a.m. at a party in the Brooklyn Homes area in the southern part of the city, Baltimore Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley said. Hundreds of people gathered in the area for an event called ‘Brooklyn Day,’ a witness said. Another witness told FOX45 News that they heard between 20 and 30 shots.


“They just kept coming out,” the witness said. Nine victims were transported by ambulance and 20 victims walked to area hospitals with injuries from the shooting, Worley said. Hours after the shooting, several officers remained on the scene, working behind police tape amid densely populated two-story apartment blocks.

Folding tables and plastic cups were scattered around the scene, apparently left behind as people fled the gunfire. A witness, Lakell Nelson, 54, told the Baltimore Sun that during the block party people had been mistaking the sound of fireworks. But it wasn’t a false alarm when the shooting started.

“The shots just kept going and going and going,” Nelson said, later adding that two women approached her and told her they had been shot. “At first I didn’t believe them because they were walking down the street. I said, ‘Show me,’ and the girl said, ‘I got shot in the butt,’ she said. “When she turned around, I saw the hole through her shorts.”


Nelson helped the women into her car and drove to the nearest hospital. “When I pulled up at the hospital gate, my car was almost getting ready to go inside the hospital, because I was determined to get those babies into that hospital,” Nelson said. Fellow witness Terry Brown was standing outside his home when the shooting began. He said people ran out of the yard, jumping over fences and calling for his loved ones.

“They were running for their lives,” Brown said. Brown saw a girl who was shot and the neighbors squeezed her body. Other victims were loaded into cars and taken to hospitals. ‘There were so many children. It was chaos,’ Brown said. “Parents were running around looking for their children, yelling and yelling, and they didn’t know if their children had a bullet.”

An University of Maryland Medical System spokesperson said 12 people received treatment and Shock Trauma and four wen to the center’s pediatric emergency department. A MedStar Health official said 19 people were treated and all but one had been released. Nine were stabilized and transferred to other trauma centers.


Authorities said the crime scene was extensive and it would take some time for detectives to investigate. ‘Treat this as if it were your family,’ Scott said. ‘How you would want people to treat it if you were mourning, if this was your neighborhood, if this was an event in your community that this happened at. We want you to treat it that way because that’s how we have to treat each other as Baltimoreans.’

Worley said police were not told in advance about the large party. The department would investigate what officers did once they determined there was a gathering. ‘If we made mistakes, we will fix them and move forward so it never happens again,’ Worley said. ‘But again, we did not know that this event was occurring.’ The violence comes as federal prosecutors in Baltimore this week touted their efforts to reduce violent crime in the city.

Police have reported nearly 130 homicides and close to 300 shootings so far this year, though that’s down from the same time last year. Authorities have vowed to crack down aggressively on repeat violent offenders. Read MORE……..


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