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A Virginia mother who recently found out she was pregnant with her second child was murdered last week, and the suspect is her ex-boyfriend, who shared the apartment with the victim in which she was killed. The Arlington Police Department told multiple outlets last week that Shontae Crawford, 37, was stabbed to death, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend Alimamy Fornah, 35, whom she had dated for about 12 years. Crawford had a 15-year-old son, according to WUSA9.

The couple recently separated but still shared an apartment together, according to police. Crawford’s new boyfriend, Michael Webb, was visiting her at the time the incident occurred and told WUSA9 that Crawford and Fornah locked themselves in a room during an argument. Webb said he tried to intervene when he heard the screams escalate, breaking down the bedroom door.

Shontae Crawford Age

The age if Shontae Crawford was 37 year.


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Shontae Crawford was killed by boyfriend

“I heard a noise and what sounded like a crash,” Webb told the outlet, before claiming: “I had her pinned on the floor between the bed and the wall. There was blood on the wall, and her throat was severely damaged by, I think, a kitchen knife, or something of that sort.”

Webb said he punched Fornah and helped Crawford up. He and Crawford then tried to escape the building, but Fornah allegedly confronted them again in the hallway, where he and Webb got into another physical fight, according to Webb. Police arrived and arrested Fornah, who was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. She was charged with murder, according to NBCWashington. It’s not immediately clear if Fornah pleaded guilty or has hired an attorney to comment on her behalf.

Webb, along with other members of Crawford’s family, mourned her loss and launched a GoFundMe to cover funeral costs and raise money for her son Donovon Dimauri, who has autism. “Shontae was a beautiful bright spark in this world with a smile that lit up any room she walked into,” wrote her cousin Erica Savoy. “She touched the lives of so many and will be sorely missed.”


Emily Crawford, Crawford’s sister-in-law, told WUSA9 that Fornah “was so controlling that she didn’t want her around us.” Webb said that he was struggling to cope with the murder. “I lost my son,” Webb told WUSA9. “Every time I close her eyes, all I see is her and everything that happened.” Read More……..

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