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The parents of a 14-year-old girl are suing social media giant Meta after she ended her life by committing suicide after viewing a video showing a “fake hanging” on Instagram. In August 2020, Englyn Roberts’s parents found her daughter in her bedroom after she tried to recreate the video.

The young woman was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead after a few days.

Roberts’ parents, Toney and Brandy, later found out that her friend sent her a video on Instagram of a woman “pretending to hang herself.”


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Only after a whistleblower revealed sensitive and harmful content on Meta that specifically targeted young girls, promoting self-harm and anorexia, in 2021, did Toney begin to understand what had happened.

Since then, dozens of lawsuits have been filed against the tech giant alleging that it was aware of such harmful content but was unable to put a stop to it despite strict policies, according to the Daily Mail.

Englyn Roberts Age

The age of Englyn Roberts was 14 years.


Why Englyn Roberts committed suicide

Toney and Brandy received a text from one of the parents of one of Roberts’ friends, who suggested they check her out. “We went upstairs and checked, and his door was locked,” Toney told 60 Minutes, adding: “That was weird, so I took the key from upstairs and we opened the door, and Englyn didn’t. And when I turned around That’s when I found her.”

She said that what she saw left him incredulous. Her parents reportedly blamed themselves for not knowing about her daughter’s struggles.

Roberts secretly posted online about her struggles with self-esteem, relationships and mental health. She even began posting self-harm content, including the aforementioned video, a lawsuit filed in San Francisco reads.


Toney claimed she only fully understood what had happened to her daughter after former Facebook employee Frances Haugen released internal documents claiming the tech company was largely aware of its negative social and mental impact, while that encouraged eating disorders specifically in girls.
According to the Daily Mail, a message posted on an internal company message board in March 2020 said the app revealed that 32% of girls said Instagram made them feel worse about their bodies if they already had insecurities.

Toney said: “You wonder, how did he come up with this idea? And then when I did some research, there it was. He saw it on Instagram. It was on his phone.”

“If they call monitoring and they do things, how could I stay on that site? Part of their policy says they don’t allow photos, videos of self-harm, things of that nature. So who holds them accountable?” Tony said.


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