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A couple from BUCKHANNON, WEST VIRGINIA arrested and charged after the death of their two baby son died.

A couple was reportedly recently arrested and charged after their two young children died from shaken baby syndrome, authorities announced.

Thomas W Cunningham, 27, and Ciera N Gillespie, 25, were arrested on Friday December 9 after an inquest was launched into the death of their two-year-old son.


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Gillespie was charged with child neglect resulting in death and child neglect resulting in injury, while Cunningham, 27, faced one count of child abuse causing death and one count of child abuse resulting in grievous bodily injury, according to records.


However, the charges are expected to improve as their one-year-old second son also died over the same weekend, The Sun reported.

Thomas W Cunningham and Ciera N Gillespie, Charged and arrested

In late November, both young children were taken to a hospital with significant injuries that appeared to be the result of brutal abuse. While the two-year-old boy was pronounced dead on arrival, the second boy was in serious condition until he succumbed to his injuries, the boys’ grandmother reportedly told KPTV.

According to Law & Crime, a copy of the criminal complaint notes that the incident took place on November 28, when Gillespie went to the nearby store, leaving the two children and her 6-year-old son with Cunningham at home.


She reportedly told investigators that Cunningham was “under the influence of a controlled substance” when she left her three children with him.

Cunningham allegedly confirmed to police earlier that day that he had “used Percocet to get high” before babysitting. Before pulling his car into the driveway, Gillespie reportedly received a call from Cunningham informing him that something was wrong with his two-year-old son. boy, who was reportedly limp with “blood coming from his mouth and nose.”

Then, as Gillespie was about to leave in the ambulance with the two-year-old, Cunningham appeared with the one-year-old and said, “Something was wrong with this baby, too.” Tragically, the first child was pronounced dead upon arrival at JW Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.


The hospital doctor reportedly told investigators they believed his cause of death was shaken baby syndrome. The doctor who treated the two-year-old also added that “the retinal lesions were the worst he had seen in 20 years.”

Speaking of the one-year-old, the doctor said the boy’s injuries were “significant” and also consistent. with shaken baby syndrome, adding that “it would have to be a violent trauma with immediate incapacitation.”

A statement from the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office reportedly said: “The Upshur County Sheriff’s Office, the West Virginia State Police, and the Violent Crimes and Drugs Task Force of Mountain Lake have been investigating this case since the incident on November 28, 2022.


Arrests were made today, December 9, 2022, on suspects Cunningham and Gillespie in connection with the death and injury of two young children in Upshur County. “.

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