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A grand jury will now hear the case of a 17-year-old boy who has been found responsible for Adrianna Taylor’s fentanyl overdose. The decision was made on Tuesday, December 13, after a preliminary hearing.

Taylor, a student at Mary G Montgomery High School, was found dead in late August at her Semmes home.

At the time, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office stated that the 15-year-old died due to “swallowing some pills that were possibly laced with fentanyl,”.


After her death, the suspect was charged with manslaughter and distribution of a controlled substance. Although the defendant was reportedly charged as an adult, his name has not been released.

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Adrianna Taylor Age

Adrianna Taylor age was 15 years at the time of death.

Adrianna Taylor cause of death

In September, Deputy Chief Paul Burch had told Fox10 News: “He’s not going to end this case alone. We will team up with our federal partners. We have to stop it before it gets out of hand like it is in other areas of the country.” Burch also warned people against fentanyl when he told WKRG-TV: “The size of a sugar packet, which is one gram, can kill hundreds of people.”


Meanwhile, the unfortunate death of the schoolgirl left her family and friends devastated. His sister, Ashton Logan, took to Facebook to share her grief as she wrote: “I haven’t slept much since you left us but I’ve made sure these last couple of nights I’ve prayed and made sure to say everything.

I would say to him as if we were on FaceTime or laying on the couch watching our show or just like we were in the car. from school all that is gone now, a STUPID DRUG took it from you.

A DRUG CALLED ‘fentanyl’ took my little sister from me, at 11:45 my little sister lost her life she took her last breath and now I have to live the rest of my life without her, I know in my heart that this was a big mistake and she didn’t know what she was doing, she was a baby!”


“And she loved life so much and she enjoyed life and she had amazing friends and a family that LOVES her SO MUCH and she enjoyed going to the skating rink or the movies or bowling or doing her makeup or hair SHE LOVED THE BEACH her favorite color is blue & If you ask her favorite food.

it’s McDonald’s chicken nuggets and large fries and large pixie. I want to make sure the world hears her story because she’s been thrown around so much as a 15 year old we lost our dad a little over a year ago so I know he’s so glad his baby is with him right now in the beautiful blue. doors. I will carry all the memories we make forever, sis,” Ashton added.

Taylor’s friend Haley Williamson also expressed her regret on social media as she noted: “I can’t believe I’m posting this… RIP my friend Adrianna Taylor I know what REALLY happened to her.


I just know I want justice. ..she didn’t deserve the life card she got she felt she deserved to be happy and live her life…we’ve been friends since babies bro…i just can’t believe this…i’ll keep your name alive evb gone remember you i promise ..

I will not forget you I swear I love you Bestfriend I will see you in heaven soon Keep your family in your prayers.

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