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Police discovered 17 different pairs of women’s underwear on the suspected serial rapist that he may have kept as trophies, according to an authorities report.

Carlos Nava, 46, is accused of five alleged sexual assaults, one of which occurred in 2003 and was considered an “unresolved case.” In one case, the alleged victim was a minor, under 16 years of age.

Nava is charged with committing the crimes while in the United States illegally. Police said DNA evidence linked him to the rapes. The allegations are detailed in the arrest file, which was obtained by 8 News Now.


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Carlos Nava Age

The age of Carlos Nava is 46 years.

Carlos Nava, Accused of committing five sexual assaults

A sex worker reported to police on July 10 that she had an affair with a man over $100 who picked her up outside the Orleans Casino in a white van.

The woman told police that the man did not stop performing sexual acts, put a knife to her throat, took a condom from her and sexually assaulted her.


She also claimed the man stole her money and phone, hit her over the head with a glass bottle and chased her as she tried to run away from her, according to her documents.

After fleeing, the woman ran naked to a neighboring Walgreens for help. Investigators viewed security footage of surrounding stores.

The police detained Nava and arrested him eleven days later. According to authorities, a search warrant was issued to examine his white van for evidence and obtain his DNA. According to investigators, they discovered a backpack containing latex gloves and 17 different pairs of women’s underwear that had been folded, stacked, and secured with an elastic band.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report noted that, “although rare, individuals who commit crimes related to sexual assault have been known to take property from victims as trophy of the incident.” In October, Nava’s DNA was linked to four other sex crimes. According to the police, all the crimes had a common factor in that they included prostitutes who were picked up on the street by the suspect.

A minor stated that on August 12, 2003, she was picked up by a man and they decided to have sexual relations. She claimed the man took her to an abandoned house where they performed consensual sexual acts. Police were called by a friend of the accused victim. According to the arrest report, she decided not to press charges.

A woman claimed that she accidentally got into a car that she believed belonged to a friend on February 4, 2010 in Henderson. She told police the driver of the vehicle pulled out a knife, closed the doors and said, “I want sex.” She also told police that the man forced her to remove her clothes and sexually assaulted her. Based on a sexual assault nursing examination by a medical professional, the accused victim may have a mental disability.


A sex worker reported to police that she got into a car on Boulder Highway on March 16, 2013. She said the driver sexually assaulted her and held a knife to her throat after refusing the price she offered. She confessed that she was afraid of the police and said that she did not want to be arrested as a fugitive.

On July 17, 2015, a woman reported to police that she had gotten into a car on Desert Inn Road looking for marijuana. She claimed that the driver brandished a knife, demanded that he undress her, and then sexually assaulted her.

The alleged victim and police spoke again on November 2, 2022. She stated that she was a sex worker panhandling on Boulder Highway. She said she climbed out of the driver’s side window of the suspect’s car and fled the vehicle without her clothes on.


The woman recognized a pair of pants that matched the style of pants she would have been wearing when police showed her underwear that she found in Nava’s possession.

Since 2002, Nava has entered the country illegally at least eight times, according to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman.

He has several times been granted permission to travel to Mexico, but at least twice he has been expelled as a result of Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests.


Law enforcement officials have found it in California, Arizona and Las Vegas. His criminal history includes arrests for domestic violence and assault. He was recently deported to Mexico after an arrest in 2020.

According to court documents, Las Vegas Justice Court Judge Daniel Westmeyer set bail at $5,000 after Nava’s arrest in July. After posting bail, Nava was placed under electronic surveillance. Plainclothes officers arrested Nava for the series of sexual assaults at a later court appearance.

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