Cause of death of  Ali Spice

Three people, including a TikTok influencer, were killed in a hit-and-run accident in Florida on Sunday morning, December 11. Well-known social media influencer Ali Spice, whose real name is Alexandra Dulin, died along with two others after 2 a.m. m., when a Toyota Tacoma driving the wrong way on State Highway 44 crashed into her car.

James Dulin, Spice Ali’s father, testified that her daughter had just returned from Thanksgiving vacation and that he last spoke to her on Saturday when they were planning another Christmas visit.

“It’s still not real. We still have moments of disbelief,” Dulin said. He further added: “I guess with my daughter you always take a lot of photos. But man, we took a lot of photos over Thanksgiving, and who knew those would be the last photos we’d take?”, as reported by Fox News.


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Ali Spice Who is the Killer

The Florida Highway Patrol reported that she and the other two occupants of her Infiniti died at the scene. The Infiniti driver was seriously injured but survived. According to Fox Orlando, the driver of the Toyota Tacoma fled the scene on foot. Authorities found another occupant of the Tacoma alive. “I just want to see justice,” Dulin said, as reported by Fox News.


The Dulin family announced her passing on their own Instagram account: “This is alidspicexo around her 17th birthday. I’m posting this because this young lady made a mistake that social media took up and created their own narrative, rumors and lies around. this”.

once in her life. Having experienced this, we can assure you that our Ali would not want anyone using social media as a vehicle to hurt someone by accusing them of the crime that took their life.

Our family is working with Florida Police to solve this crime. Let them do their job and don’t shoot anyone down because you think someone did this. We have every confidence that the person responsible will be caught.


If you have information that you believe is valuable, please give it to the Florida Police. We only publish what we know to be true. At this time we don’t know who did this or if the driver was incapacitated at the time.”

The suspect’s vehicle has been impounded while investigators continue their search. They are also seeking to obtain a search warrant so they can examine it. It is not immediately obvious if the suspect was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when the accident occurred, according to reports.

While her family calls for justice, her followers miss her and cry for her. Dulin reported that messages, flowers, food and condolences have been sent to her family. The 21-year-old social media sensation started college with a major in fashion design, but she dropped out when her modeling career took off.


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