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Stephen Bear, a reality star, was found guilty of distributing a sex tape featuring his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison after it appeared on the OnlyFans website. On August 2, 2020, Harrison and the 32-year-old defendant were caught on video having sex in her garden in Loughton, Essex.

Harrison told the Chelmsford crown court that she was unaware they were being recorded and she had ordered Bear not to distribute the video because she waived her right to remain anonymous.

But according to her, he continued to post it online and on WhatsApp. Bear claimed that he destroyed the video that day and did not show it to anyone other than Harrison.


He was found guilty of both counts of intentionally disclosing private sexual images and videos by a unanimous jury. Furthermore, he was found guilty of voyeurism by a vote of 10 to 2 of the jury.

Harrison starred in ‘Love Island’ and ‘The Only Way is Essex,’ while Bear appeared on MTV’s ‘Ex On the Beach’ and won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2016.

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Stephen Bear Age

The age of Stephen Bear is 32 years.

Stephen Bear, Convicted of leaking Sex Tape with Harrison

Georgia Harrison said in a statement that “the last two years have been absolute hell and this verdict will allow me to start letting go of the pain I have suffered in the past and start embracing the future.


I hope that taking a stand gives other men and women who have been victims of revenge porn the courage to seek justice and, most importantly, show them that they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I have felt ashamed, hurt, violated, even broken at times, but I stand here today feeling empowered, grateful, and a great sense of unity with everyone who has reached out to support me through this ordeal.”

After the jury’s decision, Bear, who had vigorously disputed all the allegations, told the court that “it was never a fair trial” and that he was “fighting a losing battle.”

Christopher Morgan, the judge, responded by saying, “Thank you for that remark.” Bear’s adult entertainment website offered a “50%” discount while he was on trial and a photo of him arriving in court was also shared on Bear’s Twitter account, The Guardian reported.


The image showed him and his girlfriend driving to the courthouse from a white Rolls-Royce driven by a hired driver. The accompanying text read: “50% off my adult site for the next 24 hours. Come see why I’m hot.

In early December 2020, according to Harrison, he discovered the movie was online and had to get someone to remove it from porn sites. Bear told jurors that on Aug. 2, 2020, while he was having lunch with 28-year-old Harrison, he “was devastated.”

He said they had sex at a nearby sunbed shop that he was remodeling before engaging in additional sexual activity in his backyard. The defendant claimed that he requested a copy of the 20-minute film while they were looking at footage captured on their CCTV security cameras.


Harrison “told me to delete the pictures, which I did,” he said, adding: “Why would I want that on my phone?” he told the jury. Bear was released on bail and ordered to appear in court for sentencing on January 31.

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