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KENTUCKY: Ethan Melzer  a former US Army soldier from Kentucky, received the maximum sentence of 45 years in prison on Friday, March 3, for organizing a violent terrorist attack on his paratrooper unit. Melzer, 24, had pledged his devotion to a violent extremist organization that aimed to undermine or eradicate Western civilization. US District Judge Gregory H. Woods ruled that Melzer deserved the maximum sentence because of the lasting damage he caused by revealing US military secrets to members of the ‘Order of Nine Angles’ and other terrorist organizations, according to the Daily Mail.

Melzer’s claim to be a repentant and changed man was rejected by Judge Woods, who stated that it was more likely that he was “playing another role” to obtain clemency, just as he had “played soldier” to plan to attempt to murder other paratroopers. . Melzer is reported to have used the username “Etil Reggad” in his correspondence with the Order of Nine Angles, which appears to be an anadromous of ‘Dagger Lite’ or ‘Lite Dagger’.

The Order of Nine Angles, commonly known as 09A, is a dangerous radical organization with “anarchist, neo-fascist, neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic” ideas, according to the Daily Mail. It is a group that glorifies Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and is believed to be It originated in the UK in the 1970s.


O9A has allegedly stated extreme views, including one that Hitler “was sent by our gods to guide us to greatness” and that the “Jewish ‘holocaust’ story is a lie to keep our race in chains and express our desire to see the truth revealed”. The authorities stated that O9A has also expressed support for Osama bin Laden’s political views and terrorist actions carried out by his group, including the bombings of US embassies in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole and the attacks on the September 11, 2001.

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Ethan Melzer sentenced for organizing a violent terrorist attack against his unit

Authorities stated that Melzer enlisted in the military to infiltrate his ranks on behalf of a group that adheres to neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic and satanic ideologies. They claimed that the group instructs its members to infiltrate the military to gain training, carry out acts of violence, and find other like-minded people to subvert it from within.


Court documents indicated that prosecutors claimed Melzer intended to team up with online acquaintances to carry out a “jihadist attack” that would result in “massive casualties,” goad the US into “the very country it was sworn to protect.” Elzer’s actions, according to Assistant US Attorney Matthew Hellman, were “one of the most stunning betrayals within the ranks of the military” ever brought to justice in federal court.

Military intelligence officer Capt. Joshua Kraus testified in court that Melzer’s arrest on May 30, 2020 called into question the trust soldiers are required to place in their superiors and other service members, sparking a “psychological cancer” within of your unit. Kraus stated that it will never be possible to recover information Melzer shared online “with our sworn enemies,” leaving allies wondering if they can share critical information with the United States. He said: “Our allies and enemies are very aware of this case,” according to the Daily Mail.

Melzer’s lawyers had requested a sentence of no more than 15 years in prison. Melzer pleaded guilty to attempted murder of service members, support of terrorists and unauthorized disclosure of defense secrets in June 2022. “I still regret everything I did,” Melzer told the judge just before he handed down the sentence. judgment. He expressed the wish to “apologize to my platoon” and tried to show that he was still capable of contributing to society.


Melzer, of Louisville, Kentucky, was then led out of the courthouse by deputy federal marshals while he was bound by the ankles. He could have received a life sentence if he had not accepted a plea deal.Read More…..

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