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A New Jersey man was recently arrested in Baltimore in connection with the ax murder of his sister-in-law and niece, authorities say. Everoy L. Morrison, 44, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder as well as numerous “weapons charges” in the late April slayings, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office said Monday. The defendant is also accused of stealing a car after the murders.

Keisha Morrison, 45, and her daughter Kelsey Morrison, 9, were found dead on April 18 by police officers who were called to a residence on West Seventh Avenue in Rochelle, New Jersey, based on a people’s report. missing.

Their bodies were reportedly found inside the girl’s bedroom, according to CBS News. Sources cited by a New York City CBS affiliate said the victims were found under a mattress. Media reports initially described the mother and daughter as having been beaten to death. Later reports said that an ax had been used.


Everoy L. Morrison Age

The age of Everoy L. Morrison is 44 years.

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Everoy L. Morrison accused of double murder

After an investigation, officers determined that Keisha Morrison’s car had been stolen after she was killed, leading law enforcement to track down the vehicle, according to the UCPO. The car was stopped in Maryland, where Everoy Morrison “was detained and arrested for being in possession of the stolen car,” the prosecutor’s office said this week.

At the time of the murders, Everoy Morrison was staying in the basement of the home where the murders occurred, authorities said. No potential motive has been raised for the gruesome murders. At least not by law enforcement. Atasha Scott, the sister of Keisha Morrison’s husband, Gary Morrison, shared details with WNBC, the NBC flagship in New York City.


According to Scott, the alleged killer had been living in the basement for more than two years and had recently been told that she had to move. “I can’t go into detail about what exactly happened, but I can tell you that she was uncomfortable and her nieces weren’t in the house with him either, in the basement,” Scott told the television station.

Scott said her brother had made an alarming discovery that led him to call the police. After learning that his daughter had not shown up for school and that no one could contact his wife, he reportedly went to her home and found several clues: a barricaded door, bloody sheets, a bloody ax and an attempted half-hearted about covering up the crime. “On the floor, it looked like someone was trying to clean up the blood, like it was swirling,” Scott told WNBC.

In comments to CBS News, she said: “When she went into the room, she found a crime scene, but there were no bodies.” That’s when they called the police. Hours later, her worst fears were confirmed. Scott told WNBC that the killer “wrapped them in sheets [and] stuffed them under my niece’s bed.”


“Unfortunately, Kelsey and Keisha have passed away, and that’s what they told us,” Scott told CBS News. “Kelsey was a firecracker, a strong personality. Keisha was quiet, never see her angry.” The family was reportedly planning a trip to Disneyland to celebrate what would have been Kelsey Morrison’s 10th birthday.

“We went to a party, her, my brother and I, for her birthday, the month of her birthday,” Scott told WNBC. “This guy was jealous of my brother and what he had. He wanted what he had.” Everoy Morrison is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center pending extradition proceedings.

“We appreciate the partnership with Maryland and local law enforcement agencies who assisted our office in locating and apprehending the suspect,” said Union County District Attorney William Daniel. “And we hope this arrest can bring some comfort to everyone who is grieving Keisha and Kelsey.”Read More……


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