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A group of children playing near a stream in Buenos Aires, Argentina, found dismembered body parts of a missing crypto-millionaire stuffed in a suitcase, according to police. Fernando Perez Algaba, a cryptocurrency influencer and entrepreneur, was shot and dismembered in Argentina.

Fernando Pérez Algaba, a cryptocurrency influencer and entrepreneur who made a fortune renting luxury vehicles and selling digital currencies, first disappeared on July 18, according to The New York Post, citing police and local media. The suitcase containing Algaba’s remains was found on Sunday, while his head was found floating down the river in a backpack on Wednesday, Metro reported, citing local media and authorities.

Authorities identified Algaba, 41, by his tattoos and fingerprints. An autopsy revealed that he had been shot at least three times before the dismemberment occurred, Complex reports, citing Spanish outlet El País.


“If they had shot him, I can think it would have been a reckoning, but what doesn’t close to me is that they cut him the way they cut him,” said the brother of the deceased, Rodolfo Pérez Algaba, according to A24. Algaba, who lived in Barcelona, had rented a place in Argentina for at least a week before his body parts were found, according to Complex. The outlet noted that he was supposed to return the keys to the property on July 19.

Fernando Perez Algaba Age

The age of Fernando Perez Algaba was 41 year.

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How Fernando Perez Algaba died?

Police are investigating Algaba’s death and have detained one person as a suspect, according to the publication. Reports surfaced of Algaba struggling with debt, tax problems and requests for money from investors in a “failed” cryptocurrency business that he confessed had “gone out of control,” according to Metro.


Amid the claims, Algaba, who had more than 900,000 followers on Instagram, often posted photos of his lavish lifestyle and exotic travels. “His activity was buying and selling cars, with the Bitcoin issue it did not go well, he canceled it and stayed there,” Rodolfo explained, according to A24, adding that he has not seen his brother for “three months” for a discussion. .

He also pointed out that, years ago, “my father died and left an inheritance, which we all collect. My mother, I [Fernando] collected an inheritance and he began to do another type of business, buying low-end cars,” he added. that his brother “was under psychiatric treatment for an anxiety disorder.”

“I’ve been here for three days and I barely sleep, thinking, breaking my head, how could this happen?” Rodolfo told Crónica TV, on A24. “But I’m not going to stay still. I am not going to do justice with my own hands, but I hope that justice is done.” In a chilling social media post before his death, Algaba said: “It’s amazing how there are such evil people in the world that while you think about helping them, they think about destroying you,” according to LAD Bible.Read More…….


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