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California police say they have arrested a man for killing a woman with a knife and then posting footage of the crime on Facebook. Mark Mechikoff, 39, is charged with one count of murder, according to the San Mateo Police Department. The defendant hails from Pacifica, a small town within San Mateo County. The victim, Claribel Marie Estrell, 41, is said to have known her alleged assailant. The relationship between the defendant and the deceased woman, however, is not yet public knowledge.

On Wednesday afternoon, local police alerted the stabbing to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada, police said. There, a local resident who claimed to know the suspect called about a disturbing video they had seen on Facebook that allegedly showed a man “stabbing” a woman. That Nevada resident also provided police with the name and phone number of the man who posted the images. Silver State sheriff’s deputies did what they could and “pushed” the phone number provided, the SMPD said, and found “a large apartment complex” on 37th Avenue in San Mateo.

Mark Mechikoff Age

The age of Mark Mechikoffi 39 year.


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Charges on Mark Mechikoff

“Without an apartment number and with the ping accuracy varying, SMPD officers swarmed the area and began a door-to-door canvass of the complex in an attempt to locate the potential victim and/or suspect,” the department said. police in a statement. Press release. Around the same time, a person who also said they knew the suspect was also calling the police. Ryan Lenahan told Oakland-based Fox affiliate KTVU that he also saw video of the woman’s final moments.

“There was a person bleeding to death, [he was] standing over the person, repeating Bible verses and other types of nonsense,” Lenahan said, adding that he posted a comment on the video calling the suspect “sick” and telling him sent a message to say: “Brother, you are disgusting, I hope they take you into custody.”

Mechikoff, who Lenahan said he grew up with, allegedly video called him about two hours later. “He was talking all kinds of gibberish and seemed to be in the same place where the crime occurred,” Lenahan said. He told KTVU that he called the police immediately after that harrowing video conversation with the alleged killer.


Finally, after almost three hours, he found the victim. The ping, it turned out, had been pretty accurate: Estrell was discovered, dead, in a unit on 36th Avenue, part of the same sprawling apartment complex that spans several blocks in the Hillsdale neighborhood. By the time the woman’s body was found, the suspect had already left, the SMPD said, “but his identity had been discovered.”

Police tracked down the suspected killer and arrested him “without incident” in San Jose about two hours later. “While the motive for stabbing the victim is still under investigation, we know that Merchikoff mercilessly filmed the last moments of the victim’s life and posted the video on Facebook, then fled the area,” the SMPD said in a statement from press.

The brutality and public nature of the crime have shocked the Bay Area. “It’s tragic, horrible,” SMPD officer Jerami Surrat told San Francisco-based ABC affiliate KGO. It’s hard enough when we lose someone in our community. For someone to post a video on Facebook is horrible and horrible.”


The defendant is currently being held at the Maguire Correctional Center without bond. “We will review it,” San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told The Mercury-News. “Assuming we find enough evidence to charge him, the charge we’re looking at is murder with the use of a knife.”

A neighbor, who lives across the street from the victim, recalled a scream the night before, in comments to San Jose-based NBC affiliate KNTV. “To be honest, it was really scary,” said Zeena Amer. “It was terrifying because if you think about it 24 hours ago, this woman was alive. She had a life, she had friends, she had family, and now she’s gone.”Read More…….

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