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TEXAS: A Texas inmate, convicted of fatally stabbing his estranged wife and drowning his six-year-old daughter in a bathtub, addressed the victim’s family moments before his execution. Gary Green 51, received a lethal injection at the Huntsville, Texas State Penitentiary at 7:07 p.m. m. on Tuesday night, March 7, almost 14 years after the incident.

He received a death sentence for the September 2009 murders of his estranged wife Lovetta Armstead, 32, and his daughter Jazzmen Montgomery at his Dallas home. Green did not file any appeal against the execution. Asked by the warden if he had a closing statement, Green turned to the victim’s family and apologized. “Vetta, Jared, Ray, I’m sorry, no, I’m not sorry. I apologize for all the hurt I’ve caused you and your family,” she told Armstead’s two other children: Jerrett, 9, and 12. Two-year-old Jerome and the Jazzmen’s father, Ray Montgomery. “We ate together, we broke bread together, we laughed and cried together as a family.”

Gary Green Age

The age of Gary Green was 51 years.


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Gary Green’s last words?

“I’m sorry I failed you, there’s nothing I can do. I’m not saying that just because I’m lying on this stretcher. We were all one and I broke that bond, right or wrong. I took not one, but two people we all love and had I have to live with it while I was here I ask you to forgive me not for me but for you I am getting ready to go home and you will be here I want to make sure you don’t suffer You have to forgive me to heal and move on I’m sorry JT I’ve always loved you and I told you I’ll never say goodbye to you but this is goodbye There’s nothing I can do to bring his mother and sister back One thing about the man he used to be is that I never stopped loving them everyone. See you on the other side. God bless you. I’m done, warden,” he said in his last words, according to The Sun.

Prison technicians used a vein in Green’s right arm and a vein in the upper part of his left hand instead of using intravenous needles which delayed the execution briefly. During his final moments, Green thanked the prison administrators, chaplains and “all the beautiful human beings in the Polunsky Unit,” the prison where he was held. Green then took several quick breaths that turned into snores. Finally, he was declared dead at 7:07 p.m. after nine snores.

Green reportedly committed the murders after Armstead tried to have her marriage annulled. On the day of the murders, the mother of three wrote him a letter in which she explained that despite loving him, she had to “do what’s best for me.” Green responded with a reply, accusing his ex-wife of conspiring against him. He wrote: “You asked to see the monster so here is the monster you created for me.” He also threatened to kill the other Armstead children. In his testimony, Jerrett, who survived the stabbings, told jurors that he believes Green spared him and his brother’s lives because they were “too young to die.”Read More…..


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