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Terrified shoppers and employees at a Texas mall have described in harrowing detail how they tried to hide or flee when a gunman opened fire Saturday afternoon. Geoffrey Keaton a father having lunch with her 16-year-old daughter recounted how he protected her when the sound of gunshots grew louder, while a mother said her car was shot at when she and her 14-year-old daughter years they tried to flee from the Allen Premium. Points of sale. A mother shopping with her daughter also described hearing multiple ‘pops’ and seeing ‘sparks flying as if she was right in front of us’.

Police say nine people, including the gunman, died at the scene and at least seven victims were transported to a local hospital afterwards. Of them, three were in critical condition as of Saturday night and four were stable. At least one victim is believed to be a boy as young as 5. Speaking to the New York Times after the shooting in Allen, a Dallas suburb, Geoffrey Keaton said he was having lunch with his 16-year-old daughter at Fatburger in the mall when they heard gunshots.

“I knew right away,” he said. “I put my girl under the counter to protect her, and they got stronger, like he was there.” Keaton said the restaurant’s manager allowed customers to hide in the back during the fatal shooting, where they were able to climb out a back door and run to their cars. But when they did, Keaton said: “You could see the bodies of the people he had shot on the sidewalk.”


He also shared videos on his Facebook page that show him and his daughter taking refuge in a hallway with hundreds of other customers and then watching police investigate the scene. “All we wanted was a Fatburger,” he said in the video, noting that his daughter only wanted a latte.

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Geoffrey Keaton and his daughter was having lunch in mall

Kimberly Blakey also said she and her 14-year-old daughter were trying to flee the parking lot when they heard the shots. As she frantically tried to flee, she told CNN, she initially drove toward the sound of gunshots before her daughter told her to turn around. However, when they finally approached the exit, the mother and daughter were trapped behind other cars trying to do the same.


That’s when, Blakey said, she felt her car get hit twice by gunfire. “I told my daughter to get down,” Blakey recounted. ‘She did, and I could hear her start to pray.’ Eventually, the couple was able to drive out of the parking lot, and Blakey didn’t stop until they reached her house, even when she noticed the flat tire light on her car had come on.

Meanwhile, inside the mall, witnesses described the mad dash to get away. A woman named Colleen, who did not want to give her last name, told CBS Texas that she was with her son at the mall at the time of the shooting.They described the shooter as wearing all black and wearing “like a SWAT uniform without the letters SWAT.”

She said the shooter was a “big guy” and that he was carrying a rifle before opening fire and people started running screaming in different directions. Colleen and her 22-year-old son said they saw the killer dead on the ground when police evacuated them with other bodies also on the ground. Her son initially thought the gunshots were construction noises before seeing the killer in front of the store.


He said: ‘Out of nowhere I heard like 10 bangs and looked at the customer next to me and said ‘was that gunshots?’ “And he said it was probably just construction and more shots were fired, he heard like 10-15 more shots and I ran to the front of the store and we were like, ‘No, that’s shooting.'” “We saw the guy dressed in black with a vest, he has an assault rifle and he’s just shooting people.”

“We definitely saw some bodies coming down,” Colleen added. ‘We definitely saw some people get shot. It was right outside our door. It was horrible. “And I’m a trauma nurse, and I couldn’t do anything to help because the gunman is an active shooter.” Elaine Penicaro, who had recently moved to the area, said she heard a relentless barrage of gunshots as she shopped with her own daughter.

“We were outside the Converse store and we heard all these bangs,” Penicaro told Fox 4 after fleeing the scene, ducking for cover when they heard the shots around 3:45 p.m. “We all just stopped, and then a second later, it’s just ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,’ and there were sparks flying like it was right in front of us.” Kingsley Ezeh also said that he was walking inside the mall when he saw people start to run. “I turned around and saw two women running towards me, and then one said, ‘Someone’s shooting, someone’s shooting.'”


Behind that woman, he said, he saw a man holding his neck and “blood [was] dripping.” Kaileo Polakiko, 36, also said she was shopping with her parents for an upcoming vacation when they saw people running outside. “It was a bit chaotic for a second,” he recounted. Then when someone said “trigger” we all ran to the back of the store.

And outside, Brayson Jones, a 17-year-old who worked the afternoon shift at the outlet’s Champs Sports store, told the New York Times he heard “probably more than 20 shots” and saw people run out of stores. “As soon as I heard the shots and the screams of the people, I didn’t wait to see what was happening, I backed up and got out of there,” the teenager recalled of the hectic scene. He added that in the frenzy he rescued a random stranger, who he said ran to his car when shots were fired and waved for him to let him in.

“As soon as I heard the shots and the screams of the people, I didn’t wait to see what was happening, I backed up and got out of there,” he said. Meanwhile, inside the Fatburger, employee Tiffany Gipson shared how she and some customers hid in a hallway behind the mall restaurant. “I’ve never witnessed anything like it,” she said. “This is very traumatic for me and I already suffer from anxiety and seizures.”


The shooting that began around 3:30 p.m. m. and rocked the small town of Allen, where residents are now desperate for answers. Dashcam footage showed the moment the gunman, dressed in full SWAT garb, stopped at the open-air exit before opening fire with an AR-15, killing eight people, including children.

A mass evacuation ensued as police reportedly swept each store to assess their safety, with hundreds of shoppers pouring out of the H&M location where at least four bodies were seen. Images posted online appear to show the shooter, who has yet to be identified, lying dead on the ground outside the Fatburger restaurant after being killed at the scene by a police officer who was at the mall on an unrelated call.Read More………..

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