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Greta Thunberg was fined Monday for defying police during a protest in Sweden last month, but the punishment did not stop the climate activist from taking part in another demonstration, where she was detained by police just hours later.

A Swedish court fined the 20-year-old Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2,500 kroner (about $240) for blocking oil trucks in the southern city of Malmo during a June 19 demonstration by the activist group “Reclaim the Future” and ignoring police orders to stand down.

Greta Thunberg Age

The age of Greta Thunberg is 20 year.


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Charges on Greta Thunberg

However, shortly after the hearing, Thunberg was at it again: she was taken away by police when she once again blocked access to the oil terminal in the port of Malmo.

Thunberg had pleaded not guilty to civil disobedience charges for the earlier protest and remained defiant of the sanctions. “We must remember who the real criminals are, the ones who are committing the real crime, and that will be true even if we have jailed all the climate activists in the world,” she told reporters after the hearing.

Thunberg had stressed that the protest arose out of “necessity” due to the impending climate crisis, her spokeswoman said. The court rejected her argument and found her guilty. This is not the first time the international climate change star has run afoul of the law.


In January, for example, she was detained by German police during a protest over a coal mine. After her hearing on Monday, Thunberg vowed to keep fighting and apparently made good on her word by protesting again. “We can’t save the world by following the rules,” she said.Read More……..

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