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ARKANSAS: Hannah Boze Harmon and Josh Harmon of real estate agents have been arrested after an adorable pet cow named Maple drowned to death. The Fort Smith, Arkansas family is devastated since the death of their beloved Maple.

Maple, owned by Holly and Tyson Simon, was estimated to be worth over $100,000. She was attacked by the killer dogs along with her brother Oats, who was injured in the attack. Hannah Boze Harmon and Josh Harmon own a pit bull and another dog that was caught running after the two cows on doorbell video.

After refusing to hand over their dogs to the authorities, the couple were later detained on suspicion of hindering government activities. They were detained and released after leaving the Sebastian County Detention Center. “We are devastated,” Holly Simon previously wrote. The Harmons are co-owners of the Harmon Real Estate Company and the parents of three children: Audrey, Joshua and Eva. They married in May 2016 after becoming friends while competing for Carl Albert State College in Oklahoma, according to the Daily Mail.


Hannah Boze Harmon and Josh Harmon Age

The age of both Hannah Boze Harmon and Josh Harmon is 30.

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Charges on Hannah Boze Harmon and Josh Harmon

Although according to a report, one of the black dogs was euthanized and the white dog remains on the loose and has been terrorizing the Simon family. “We are still living in this nightmare with no relief at the time I post this. We are still in danger, we fear imminent danger to our personal safety,” Holly shared. She alleged: “Fort Smith prosecutor Rita Watkins did not issue the order that the police wanted so that we can rest from the trauma and try to pick up the pieces.” Simons would later learn that Watkins was supposedly close to the realtor’s family. “We ran out of answers as to why. The next day is when we found out about her friendship with the owners.”

The report says that locals have now begun to assure Watkins that she will protect the dogs and that calls for her resignation have also increased. Christina Catsavis, City of Fort Smith Position 5 Director, is also calling on her to resign. “I think she’s not willing to work with other agencies to find a solution. She worried that it looked like she wasn’t getting anything done.”


According to the report, the Harmons were ordered to “quarantine” the white dog, however Simons has alleged in video evidence that this wants to be the case with Hannah refuting the allegations. Holy even claimed that the sergeant had expressed concern to him, telling Watkins that if the dogs were to break loose again, they “could cause serious injury to a human” as well as having the ability to injure or kill large animals.

Holy detailed the experience, revealing that she even urinated her pants while chasing the dogs and collapsed in front of the owner’s house. “On Monday, April 10, around 11:20 a.m., Mia ran from the back of the house to the library where Abigail and I were sitting and said, ‘Looks like Maple is right outside the door.’ He immediately recognized Oats’ very loud and abnormal screams.” She added: “The 3 of us ran through the house to the back and to the edge of our pool overlooking the lower valley.”

“Mia yelled ‘There are dogs’ and ran off, Abigail bolting after her. I started to chase the girls screaming when I saw the 2 dogs, mutilating and choking a cow on the other side of the bank. When I got to the door and halfway up the hill, Mia was already circling the pond. That’s when I saw Maple lifeless, floating in the middle.” She added: “Mia ran up the bank yelling, waving wildly and when she was within 15 feet the pit bull released him and ran, followed by the second dog.


Writing more about the heartbreaking incident, Holly said: “Mia ran back to the top of the hill from the bank so she could see where they were going. I kept yelling for help loud enough for anyone who could hear me to come help us.” Holly continued, “I called 911. I kept running, screaming and chasing the road all the way until we hit the road and I collapsed in front of the owner’s house and peed my pants. The woman had already put the dogs in and closed the doors. beginning the next 3 hours of this nightmare for my family.” Mia and Abagail, 13 and 14 years old are their two daughters.Read More……..

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